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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know who my advisor is?

During Orientation, you will register for your fall classes with assistance from Dr. Ingram. He will be your temporary advisor until you hear from your permanent advisor during Fall semester about registering for spring classes. They will email you about an advising time period in advance. You will then sign up for a time that works within your schedule to meet with your advisor in their office. After your advising meeting, you will register for classes on iRoar. Any additional questions about advising should be sent to Hanna Gardner.

Where is my advisor located?

Offices for all advisors are located on the ground floor of Tillman Hall.

Where are my classes located?

Almost all graphics classes are located in Godfrey Hall, which is located between Tillman Hall and Holtzendorff Hall (right across from the Subway downtown).

What computer and software do I need to purchase for my classes?

Most GC majors prefer MacBooks because of their speed and compatibility with the programs. Many students that start with a PC get a Mac before they graduate. Any of these will work fine for our major:

GC recommended laptops:

13" MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM add AppleCare*

15" MacBook Pro with 8GB RAM add AppleCare*

OR Dell Latitude E6530 with 8GB RAM. (You can have the RAM expanded after the purchase if you are not able to buy it with 8GB.)

* Retina display is not necessary nor required.

* If you purchased your computer with only 4 GB RAM, purchase an additional 4GB and ask Mr. Rose about installing it. (This option is more cost effective than having Apple install it.)

GC required software:

Any software, including Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, needed on campus, will be provided free during orientation. GC students who get Macs, do not need the have Bootcamp or Parallels installed. If you find you need either of these later, see Mr. Rose.

Any other questions regarding computer issues or software should be directed to Mr. Rose.

For further information about computers or software, please visit our GC help desk.

I heard that having internships are mandatory for graduation. Is this true? If so, is there anything I should know now that will ease my mind?

Yes, they are mandatory. Internships are essential to every Clemson Graphic Communications student's career preparation. All GC majors are required to do at least two internships in order to receive their degree, and many complete three.

The first internship is taken after two or three GC courses and is required before students enroll in any upper-level GC courses. The second internship can be taken after at least one required 4000-level GC course. The students' first internship should allow them to become familiar and comfortable with typical production activities and gain practical experience on the job.

The best way to find the right GC internship is during Intern Employer Day (IED), which is a career fair held specifically for Clemson GC students. The event is held on campus twice a year, in October and March. A list of employers attending the fair will be sent to the students in advance so they may research the companies and figure out those that most interest them. Internships are offered in many cities all over the nation. It is important to keep an open mind and positive attitude. In addition, students may contact the internship coordinator, Carol Jones.

For more information, visit our Internship Program page.

What classes do I need to sign up for?

There are several Curriculum guidelines on the Curriculum Checklist or check your progress in iRoar. You may also contact your advisor during office hours or via email if you need more information.

What do I need to do to take classes at a different institution and have them count for credit?

The registrar's web page has links to all the forms that need to be filled out to get credit for off-campus classes. Look for the form called "Approval for Work to be Taken Elsewhere."

What dates should I keep in mind?

Dates are often posted to this calendar.

Also, there is an "Upcoming Events" link at the bottom of the homepage.

For general University sanctioned dates, refer to Clemson's Academic Calendar.

Are there any scholarships or awards available?

To be considered for scholarships and grants awarded by Clemson University, your first action should be to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and include Clemson's school code (003425). This can be completed at before March 1. There are also print scholarships available for Graphic Communications students. Various scholarships are offered through the department as well. Students will be notified by email of these opportunities as well as directions on how to apply. Additional questions can be sent to Linda Kanaley.

When will I need letters of recommendation and how does this process work?

You must provide many organizations with Letters of Recommendation for scholarships, internships, grants, Graduate schools and job applications. Clemson requires that you fill out a form to give the faculty member permission to write a letter. The faculty member will provide you with a "Permission to disclose student records under the family educational rights and privacy act (FERPA)." The FERPA form can be found here.

Are there any course or major fees?

Yes, please refer to