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About the Program

Graduate Student Timeline

Typically the Ph.D. program takes 4-5 years to complete, with the first two years dedicated to coursework and subsequent years devoted to examinations, dissertation development and defense, and job interviewing.

A regular presence on campus is necessary for interaction with faculty, fellow students, and visiting scholars. Ph.D. students are expected to attend and actively participate in workshops and seminars. View the graduate program handbook for more information.

Years 1-2


  • Track-Specific Seminars
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Research Methods
  • Electives (specific to your track or your interests)


  • Assist in course preparation and management (e.g. proctoring and grading exams, creating assignments, uploading course materials)
  • Assist in basic research tasks (e.g. reviewing and editing documents, collecting data, pulling references, writing literature reviews)


  • Continuation of any research conducted prior to admission.
  • Initiation of new research projects
  • Cultivation of potential dissertation topics

Comprehensive exams are offered the summer following completion of coursework. Students must pass comprehensive exams before beginning dissertation work.

Years 3-5


  • No official courses required. Students may audit additional courses with their advisor's approval.


  • Teaching. Candidates will teach no more than one course per semester and are expected to teach both their track-specific course (MGT 3180 or MGT 3900) and intermediate statistics (MGT 3100) before graduating.
  • Continue to assist teaching faculty in more critical tasks (e.g. teaching special topics, developing curriculum).
  • Continue to assist faculty in more critical research tasks (e.g. data analysis, project planning, writing)


  • Dissertation.
  • Continuation of research projects begun as a part of your assistantship.
  • Expansion of projects begun as a part of your coursework.
  • Publishing. Candidates should work toward presenting research projects at conferences and publishing research in peer-reviewed journals.


Publications in the last 5 years

Yunsik Choi

Ferrand YB, Siemens J, Weathers D, Fredendall LD, Choi Y, Pirrallo RG, Bitner M (2016), "Patient Satisfaction with Healthcare Services: A Critical Review," Quality Management Journal

Dan (Claire) Jiang

Jiang L, Jiang D, Grover V (2017), "The Sphere of Influence of Information Systems Journals: A Longitudinal Study," Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Min Kyung Lee

Lee MK, Verma R, Roth A. (2015), "Understanding Customer Value in Technology-Enabled Services: A Numerical Taxonomy based on Usage and Utility," Service Science

Jake London

Grover V, London J, Craig K (2016), "A Historical Observation of the Intellectual and Institutional Structures of the Field," Communications of the Association for Information Systems

Awards 2018-2019

Alan D. Wheeler Management Merit Award

The Alan D. Wheeler Management Merit Award is given to a graduating Management major who exemplifies Colonel Alan Wheeler's dedication to scholarship and citizenship. Colonel Wheeler is remembered for his work as a teacher, student advisor, and administrator.

  • Monica Moody, Dallas, TX

Boyd Joseph Todd Management Merit Award

The Boyd Joseph Todd Management Merit Award is given annually to a graduating Management major who embodies Dr. Boyd J. Todd's enthusiasm for scholarship and his devotion to Clemson University. Dr. Todd was a Clemson graduate, a longtime chair of the Department of Management, and one of the founding faculty members.

  • Madison D. Leopard, Boiling Springs, SC

Department of Management Academic Excellence Awards

The Department of Management Academic Excellence Awards are given to outstanding graduating students who are focusing in concentration areas offered by the Department. The criterion for these awards is outstanding scholarship and performance in the undergraduate curriculum as well as in their chosen areas of concentration. The recipients of these awards are expected to reflect the education and citizenship provided by the Department of Management in their chosen careers.

Academic Excellence Award in Business Analytics

  • Claire R. Strickler, Matthews, NC

Academic Excellence Award in Entrepreneurship

  • Amanda R. Maguire, Clemson, SC

Academic Excellence Award in General Management

  • Alexandra L. McNeely, Lake Toxaway, NC

Academic Excellence Award in Human Resources Management

  • Benjamin M. McCormick, Clemson, SC

Academic Excellence Award in International Management

  • Madeline S. Koepper, Greenville, SC

Academic Excellence Award in Management Information Systems

  • Christopher A. Hicks, Taylors, SC

Academic Excellence Award in Operations Management

  • Connor N. Curry, Great Falls, SC

Academic Excellence Award in Supply Chain Management

  • Julianne G. Bruno, Cary, NC

Alumni placements since 2012

Information System (IS)

Baruch College
California Polytechnic State University
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
University of South Carolina-Upstate
University of Washington-Seattle

Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM)

College of William and Mary
Sam Houston State University
University of Maryland
University of Science & Technology of China
University of South Carolina
University of Victoria
Wright State University