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Theresa Childs

Theresa Childs, Fabricate StudiosB.S. ’03, MBA ’16 - Part-Time MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

Theresa Childs, owner of Fabricate Studios in Atlanta, came to the MBAe program already very familiar with the value of a Clemson education. She received a degree in graphic communications as an undergrad at Clemson before joining the advertising and communications field. After leaving agency life and working for large nonprofits, she found a home with Rollins, Inc., a billion-dollar home services holding company based in Atlanta, in marketing and brand management. While her professional life certainly kept her busy, Theresa had the itch to continue her education as well.

After initially researching several programs closer to her home base of Atlanta, she received information about the Clemson MBAe program. When she decided to go back to school to pursue an MBA, the on-campus weekend intensives offered by the MBAe program offered the opportunity to balance her commitments with weekly classwork that had previously proved elusive. This offered the perfect opportunity to take her professional development to the next level, as she continued to grow her business.

"I started teaching sewing and hand embroidery as a hobby in 2007; I loved the craft community and formed some of the most amazing friendships," said Theresa. "In 2013 the opportunity to open my own studio presented itself and I jumped at the chance to work for myself while fostering this community that I love so dearly." Continuing to foster this community has been made easier due to the courses offered in the MBAe program. Since joining the program, Theresa has taken courses such as marketing, sales, corporate venturing, and social entrepreneurship. Each course has been a key building block towards helping her business continue to thrive and grow as she applies the knowledge from the classroom to the real world.

"The people that are part of this program (both students and faculty) are incredibly motivating. In theory, the on-campus weekends would be tiring after a long week of work but they are quite the opposite -- I leave inspired and energized in ways I never imagined. Each weekend I leave with new ideas and motivation to push myself further with the business," said Theresa.

Theresa is another in a long line of examples of how rewarding the Clemson MBA experience can be. It will be hard work, but the connections you will make personally and professionally, as well as the practical knowledge, make it an invigorating and worthwhile prospect for anyone with a drive to better their careers or themselves.