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Caroline Aneskievich

Caroline Aneskievich, MBAMBA/MIB ’15 - Clemson MBA and IESEG School of Management 
Current position: HR Planning Analyst at BMW

By Tracy McGee

Caroline Aneskievich has an insatiable passion for two things: Clemson University and international learning.  Her passion has been a driving force in her decisions, starting with the pursuit of her first college degree from Clemson in 2006. When Caroline does something, she gives it her all, so the pursuit of one degree quickly turned into two.  She graduated with a B.A. in Spanish and International Trade in 2010, followed by a B.S. in Marketing in 2011.

After graduation, Caroline accepted a position in the Business Leadership Development Program with Piedmont Natural Gas.  She rotated through various departments, spending a year in customer service and a year in enterprise quality management before finding herself back in Greenville for her year in community relations.  Seeing an opportunity to set herself apart, Caroline enrolled in Clemson’s MBA program and spent the next year as a full-time student and full-time employee.

Caroline was able to combine her passions and completed the dual degree program between Clemson University and IESEG’s School of Management in 2015 to earn both her Master in Business Administration and Master in International Business.  While she was in Paris finishing her degree she applied and entered BMW’s Global Leader Development Program. The Program consists of two international and two domestic rotations with a specific track over an 18 month period. This brought Caroline to work in Human Resources in the US, Germany and Mexico. Her international passion was only continuing to grow.

Though Caroline primarily hangs her hat in South Carolina these days, she continues to be able to travel as part of her job with BMW.  As for her passion for Clemson, she was recently elected President of the Clemson University MBA Alumni Association.  Considering her track record of excellence, we are thrilled to see what she does in her new role.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as president of the alumni association?

I want to focus minds and hands where hearts already are.  Clemson alumni care deeply about the future of the program and its current students, and I want to make sure our passion can be channeled constructively into something we feel strongly about.

What inspired you to give back by getting involved with the alumni association?

I was involved in the MBA Student Association during my time in the program.  I want to continue giving back and expanding on the ways people interact with the MBA program.  I want to make sure it’s special, to help people be able to look back and define a favorite moment.

Why did you get your MBA?

I wanted to set myself apart and be more marketable. I was looking for more exposure to people currently in the workforce and professors who had that working experience. I wanted real-life academics as a sort of pivot point for me to transition into the next phase of my own career.

What was your favorite class in the program? Why?

Information systems with Dr. Thatcher was my favorite class.  It taught me not to be afraid of IT terms and that there is a lot of creativity in what makes a platform or system. 

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

I would say my greatest accomplishment is yet to come. It would be sad if I had already achieved my greatest accomplishment so early in my career, so I hope I’ll continue to grow and learn and make a difference.  I will say it’s pretty cool to have been to 30 countries before turning 30, to know 4 languages, and to have 4 degrees, but I hope I have more to look forward to.

What advice do you have to share with our current students?

Have an open mind and see what you like!  Learn transferable skills like problem-solving and idea creation.  Don’t be afraid to learn outside of the classroom.  Your human capital is the strongest tool you have - invest in yourself! Make meaningful connections - outside of the classroom and not just with fellow students.  Greenville is a unique and wonderful place, so put yourself out there! Don’t come get your MBA thinking Clemson has your dream job waiting; come get your MBA for the experience, to meet the people and learn the skills you need to find that dream job.

Favorite Quote:

“Do Common Things in an Uncommon Way” - Dabo Swinney