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Aleda Roth, Ph.D.

Dr. Aleda Roth, Burlington Industries Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Clemson UniversityB.S., M.S.P.H., Ph.D.
Burlington Industries Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Clemson University

At Clemson, you will find a faculty to rival that of any institution. Some of the brightest minds in the country call Clemson home. One such mind you may have the chance to work with is Aleda Roth, the Burlington Industries Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Clemson University. Roth has over 200 published works to her name, and she has received over 80 research and teaching awards since earning her doctorate in 1986. Her research is motivated by theoretical and practical explanations of how firms can best deploy their operations, global supply chains and technology strategies for competitive advantage, sustainability and public well-being. At Clemson, Aleda initiated and directed the Global Food Supply Chain Quality Risk Project.

"I am concerned about tainted food, especially from China," Roth said. "Due to the highly toxic environment--air, water and soil--heavy metals enter the food supply chain and we derive increasing amounts of food from there. Little is known about the cumulative effects of heavy metals on our health. The FDA only checks about 1-2 percent of imported foods, and does not check consistently for traces of heavy metals."

Before joining Clemson, Roth held the W.P. Carey Endowed Chaired Professorship in supply chain management at Arizona State University's W.P. Carey School of Business. While at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, she held the Mary Farley Lee Distinguished Professorship of operations, technology, and innovation management. Roth chaired the global supply chain management concentration in the MBA program at UNC and served as Area Chair. She earned her Ph.D. at The Ohio State University, where she also received her B.S. She received her MSPH in biostatistics from UNC-Chapel Hill.

"I was recruited for the Burlington Industries Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management," Roth said. "I was excited about helping to develop an innovative doctoral program in supply chain and operations management (SC/OM). I saw the potential to develop stellar scholars. Over the years, we have attracted talented students and faculty to the Department of Management's SC/OM group."

Another place where Roth has seen a large amount of talent attracted has been in the Clemson MBA program. "Moving the MBA program to Greenville had a remarkable impact on the program, in that it is accessible to a remarkable pool of applicants," Roth said. "While small, we now have a world-class facility. I now feel that Clemson has MBA students that are very competitive with those from other schools where I have taught, including UNC-Chapel Hill, WP Carey, Duke and Boston University. They are top-notch innovative and critical thinkers who will make a difference. It is a pleasure to teach Clemson MBA students."