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Terry Green, Jr.

Terry Green Jr.MBA ’14 - Full-Time MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program

When Terry Green, Jr. received his MBAe from Clemson in 2014, little did he know he'd be building mosquito traps in Colombia and working to elevate that country's global stature in producing cacao beans for chocolate.

Green, who has five years of experience in the Peace Corps, started in Peru as a community economic development specialist. He returned to Clemson and graduated with an MBAe before heading back to South America where he continues in economic development and health-related projects.

The USAID/USDA Cacao for Peace Initiative, of which nine U.S. land-grant universities are a part, is Green's most recent project that aims to leverage the country's quality cacao crop, a raw bean that is processed to become cocoa, chocolate's main ingredient.

"This initiative will create economic opportunities for the U.S. chocolate and confectionery industries, which import high volumes of cacao, and thousands of Colombian farmers and their families throughout the country," said Green.

Green's current endeavor has ties to Clemson and a graduate school cohort of his, Even Skjervold. It was Skjervold who made Green aware of a community health issue in Colombia that is occupying his time these days.

"Colombia doesn't have the resources to diagnose Zika or Chikungunya viruses at the community level, so they are looking at ways to reduce the mosquito population," he said. "We're cutting up old tires to make traps to lure the mosquitoes. Every three days the eggs are collected and destroyed. The goal is to reduce deadly mosquito-borne diseases by limiting the number of insects that transmit the viruses."