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Rick Joye

Rick JoyeMBA ’07 - Part-Time MBA Corporate

Over the course of 17 years with Michelin North America, Rick Joye has held numerous leadership roles. Currently a supply chain manager, Rick is responsible for the direction of nine manufacturing plants throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.

"My Clemson MBA experience directly affected my career advancement at Michelin," said Rick, who graduated in 2007. "It allowed me to move from a technical to a business-oriented career within Michelin's supply chain organization."

From transforming the industrial supply chain to managing the Greenville plant through the 2008 economic downturn, Rick has made a significant impact on Michelin's business throughout his career, all while making time to reach his personal goal of launching a nonprofit.

Rick is the founder, chairman, and executive director of Sustaining Way, an interfaith nonprofit that uses education, collaboration, and workforce development to empower communities to cultivate a sustainable and equitable future. In partnership with over 35 local organizations, ranging from universities to churches to nonprofits to government agencies, Sustaining Way's unique, community-based approach to sustainability includes a demonstration site strategically located in an underserved community and on-site community coordinators.

"The excellent staff at the Clemson MBA program not only helped me while I was in school, but has continued to support and encourage me to this day," said Rick.

One of the most meaningful projects for Rick was weatherizing low-income homes. Through this experience, Rick realized that sustainable practices have a huge potential to improve the lives of those living in underserved communities, but that a more consistent presence and a community site for education was needed to convince residents of the merits of adopting sustainable practices at home.

Sustaining Way's flagship project, Annie's House became the realization of Rick's vision for a permanent place to demonstrate sustainable living practices, and Sustaining Way takes on the larger role of bridging the gaps between local nonprofits and other organizations to make Greenville's historic Nicholtown neighborhood a more sustainable community.

Sustaining Way and Annie's House resulted from Rick's work with the SAVER (Sustaining And Valuing Earth's Resources) committee at his church, First Baptist of Greenville. Sustaining Way's ultimate vision is to transform underserved communities throughout the country by proliferating the model being developed at Annie's House to each major city in South Carolina and beyond.

Annie's House is located in Nicholtown, SC, just minutes from downtown Greenville. Bordering the Swamp Rabbit Trail, Annie's House is an ideal location passed by over half a million people annually.

"My Clemson MBA experience has supported both my personal and professional successes. The experience equipped me with the necessary skills, confidence, and entrepreneurial spirit to start my own nonprofit organization here in Greenville," said Rick.

"My advice to current and future MBA students: Life is short - seek out and determine what you want from life. Set aside time to continually develop yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Develop personal vision and mission statements that provide a consistent compass for how you live your life. Take risks to reach your vision, and don't let temporary failures deter you. See who you want to become instead of who you are, and you can and will reach your life goals!"