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Faculty and Staff

Welcome faculty and staff! Below are a few quick links to assist you. For a more detailed list of resources, click on the "College Resources" link in the left navigation.

Representatives on College Committees
Representatives on University Committees

College Resources
Computer Support

College of Business Info Sheet

How do I update my faculty profile?

  • You can easily edit and update your profile information! Click Here to update your profile.
  • Be sure to "Click" the UPDATE button on the bottom of the page when you're done.
  • Important Note: The profiles require user login and can only be edited by each individual user.

How do I link my CV to my profile?

  • To post your CV to your profile, a PDF copy of your CV must be located within the public folder of your U: drive. Your web address is:
  • Create a PDF version of your CV and place a copy in the "public.www" folder on your U: drive.
  • Rename the PDF file to "cv" so the file name is "cv.pdf."
  • Enter the following web address into "Link to Vita" box on your College of Business profile:
  • If you need to update the CV in the future, simply swap out the "cv.pdf" file on your U: drive.
  • Please Note: If you need to empty out your "public.www" folder, only delete the files from the "public.www" folder. Do not delete the folder itself.
  • Please click here or call the CCIT help desk if you need further assistance with your U: drive.

Campus Safety & Hazardous Weather Policies

Clemson Safety Alerts

Plan A: Report to work as soon as it is safe to travel. (Everyone must take responsibility for determining the safety of his or her personal travel arrangements.) Any time missed must be satisfied with accrued annual or compensatory leave or leave without pay. Under Plan A, you may not make up the time later.

Plan B: The governor has declared a weather emergency, and the University is closed. (However, all essential services will be maintained, and essential employees will report to work.) You may use accrued annual or compensatory leave, take leave without pay, or arrange with your supervisor to make up the time at a future date.