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Living-Learning Communities

The College of Business Living-Learning Communities strive to foster a safe living environment that stimulates learning, engagement and collaboration among our students, faculty and staff. The college LLCs connect students to campus and the Clemson community while broadening their global perspective and affording opportunities for them to develop friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

College of Business Living-Learning Communities include:

Read more: Living-Learning Community Brochure

CUBS Living-Learning Community

The Community for Undergraduate Business Students (CUBS) is a living-learning community for freshman students in business majors. Students participate in social events, as well as workshops, core classes, tours and community service throughout the year.

"My time as a resident and first-year student in CUBS helped set me on a strong foundation for my academic career at Clemson; it built strong friendships with my peers and gave me the confidence to interact more with my professors. Now that I am a member of the leadership committee, I have been given a chance to help prepare and shape the students that come after me, along with the opportunity to engage with professors in talking about interest beyond a particular class, learn more about their discipline, and see what knowledge they can offer me to steer my future." - Noah Mackey

The program focuses on helping students reach their educational and career goals while forming friendships lasting through their college experience and beyond. Students live in the new village in Douthit Hills in Building E, where students will attend Business 1010 classes and be in close proximity to The Hub. The Hub features a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Market and CUPD substation on the first floor. The second floor houses recreation space including a spin studio, group exercise space, strength/flex space, cardio area and locker rooms. A Smokehouse BBQ, Fusion Cafe, Garden Pizzeria, Fresh Market and seating for 450 are all featured on the third floor of The Hub.

There is an annual fee of $400 for the CUBS LLC program. If you have any questions, please contact Suerea Wooten at

CUBS Activities

The CUBS living-learning community provides the following services to students:

  • Additional availability of faculty (Periodically, faculty members are available in the hall, as well as during workshops and social events)
  • Workshops on topics such as time management, study skills, professionalism, effects of alcohol, test taking, résumé building, stress management, study abroad, etc.
  • Various guest speakers who are experts in their fields
  • Mentors (Consists of upperclassmen who have completed the program)

CUBS Events

Fall Semester:

  • Retreat
  • Seminars on adjusting to college
  • Learn about Clemson resources
  • Bonding opportunities
  • Community service
  • Major specific information sessions

Spring Semester:

  • Professional meet and greet
  • Professional seminars
  • Resume sessions
  • Professional etiquette
  • Technical skills workshops
  • Community service
  • Guest speakers

CUBS Outcomes

CUBS students who engage in the living-learning community will be able to:

  • identify resources on campus that will enable students to achieve
    • academic goals;
    • personal and professional goals;
    • leadership skills;
    • broaden global perspective;
    • increase community involvement; and
    • increase self-awareness.
  • increase academic standing within their chosen major and
  • become involved in other organizations on campus.
"So many memories were made in CUBS during my freshman year...from studying for tests together and attending the awards dinner to just hanging out in the lounge, the friends I made through CUBS will last a life time!" - Nicholas Cady, Financial Management
"Being a part of CUBS made my freshman year so much more special. The friends that I made through CUBS are friendships that will last a life time and I am so thankful for that. Getting to live, study, and do CUBS events with close friends is an experience you won't have the chance to do ever again! After my experience of being a CUBS student, I knew I wanted to give back to this amazing program and make sure as many freshman as possible had the same experience I did!" - Alexis Hale

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