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One misconception about study abroad is that it is too expensive. In partnership with Clemson Abroad, Student Enrichment strives to identify affordable program options for students so that studying abroad can equate to, and in some cases may even be lower than, the cost of attendance at Clemson for one semester. In addition, there are many opportunities to lower the cost of a program through study abroad-specific scholarships.

Students need to discuss their specific financial aid package with Student Financial Aid to determine how it can be applied to their study abroad program.

General Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities specifically for study abroad. Students are encouraged to explore scholarship options on Clemson Abroad's Scholarships page.

College of Business Travel Aid

The College of Business offers business majors the opportunity to apply for Travel Aid to assist with the expenses of an international experience with a College of Business-sponsored program. In order to be eligible for consideration, an applicant must be a declared major in the College of Business and must pay into the Business Major and Course Fee during the academic year that they are studying abroad. Students are only eligible if they are accepted into one of the following College of Business-sponsored programs:


Spring Break:


Application Deadlines for College of Business Travel Aid:

October 15 - Application deadline for Spring semester programs
November 15 - Early application deadline* for Spring Break and Summer programs
March 15 - Regular application deadline for Summer programs; application deadline for Fall programs

Applications will be made available on a student's program application once he/she is accepted into a qualified College of Business-sponsored program.

*Note: Those applying during the spring break and early summer application cycle can complete the travel aid application using the following link:

Applications are reviewed by a committee of business faculty and are scored based on eligibility, academic merit and quality of essay responses. If a student is awarded travel aid but does not participate in the program listed on their application, the student will not receive the aid. Aid cannot be carried over to subsequent years, but students can reapply during a new application cycle.