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About the College



By uniting the arts and humanities and with the disciplines of design and building, the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University (CAAH) offers significant opportunities to imagine, explore and achieve. Classic pursuits are joined by interdisciplinary programs. And through a broad but intentional selection of majors, we prepare our students to meet complex, 21st-century challenges in many fields.

Our educational opportunities span virtual and physical worlds, and extend across our Fluid Campus™ from our main campus in Clemson, South Carolina to the Clemson Design Center in Charleston to our international outposts in Genoa, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain. Students engage with professors and instructors in classrooms, studios, labs, practice rooms and on Creative Inquiry research projects such as the Atelier InSite public art program and the Clemson Literary Festival. We emphasize non-traditional research that includes the creative work of the arts, the multiple methodologies of the humanities, and the empirical studies of planning and construction science.

CAAH is deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We aim to uplift all voices, as well as educate our students on how to do the same in their professional and social lives. Our graduates have landed distinguished positions at Carnegie Hall, the Peace Corps, Teach for America, TNT and Yelp. Other graduates have continued their studies at Cambridge, the Sorbonne, the Columbia University School of Journalism, the law schools at Harvard and the University of Chicago, and the architecture programs at Columbia and Yale.