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Humanities Hub

Humanities Hub

Advancing the Outreach, Scholarship and Teaching of the Humanities at Clemson

The Clemson Humanities Hub, an outreach project of the Humanities Advancement Board, intends to advance the outreach, scholarly, and teaching activities of the Humanities. We aim to coordinate and publicize off-campus Humanities events, turning the scholarly inquiry and public presentations of the Humanities fields into an outreach activity. In so doing, it hopes to act as a coordinator of campus presentations, an incubator for scholarship, and a steward of humanities pedagogy. We hope to offer historical perspective, cultural awareness, and considerations of value in the creation, application, and preservation of knowledge.

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Humanities Hub Events

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    “Like the sciences, the humanities pursue inquiry for its own sake and also aim to preserve and transmit diversity. However, the humanities uniquely emphasize story-telling, history-raising, critical-questioning and cultural awareness work.”

    Lee Morrisey
    Humanities Hub
    College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities
    College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities | Humanities Hub | 108 Strode Tower, Clemson, SC 29634