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Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment

Current Students

Junsoo Ahn

Junsoo Ahn. (Regional and Community Development and Design; Chair: James Spencer) email:

Junsoo received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea (2003). He prepared for and passed the national exam to be a government officer (2009), and started his career as a deputy director in the City of Seoul (2010). While he was working in the Urban Planning Department, he found his interests in urban policy and economics. He earned a Master's Degree in City and Regional Planning from Clemson University (2018). His current interests are economic development and quantitative analysis of urban policies.

Hedayat Amin

Hedayat Amin. (Architectural Design, Technology + Construction Processes; Chair: Vivek Sharma) email:

Hedayat Amin graduated from Herat University (2012) with a BSc in Civil Engineering and completed a Fulbright Scholarship with a Master of Construction Science and Management from Clemson University (2019). He is PMP certified and he has worked with international organizations like UNICEF, USACE, and local firms in the Construction Industry of Afghanistan. His professional experience includes building Schools, Hospitals, and Military Bases. Additionally, he has worked as a part-time lecturer in private institutions. Currently, he is working as an Infrastructure Manager at the Asia Consultancy Group (ACG) in Kabul. His research interests lie in construction education and knowledge management in the construction engineering field.

Cayla Anderson

Cayla L. Anderson. (Architectural Design, Technology & Construction Processes; Chair: Dhaval Gajjar) email:

Cayla received a dual degree in Building Construction and Real Estate from Virginia Tech in 2016. Prior to enrolling in the PDBE program Cayla worked in various engineering roles for Gilbane Building Company and Turner Construction Company. While working as a QA/QC engineer on a data center project, she discovered her passion for educating today's workforce. Her current research interest topics include: construction education, workforce development, and STEM education. She is working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Dhaval Gajjar, her PhD advisor. 

Arup Bhattacharya

Arup Bhattacharya. (Architectural Design, Technology & Construction Processes; Chair: Ehsan Mousavi) email:

Arup received his Bachelor degree from West Bengal University of Technology in India. Arup worked for the past seven years in Industrial Construction sector focusing on sustainable modernization of existing facilities. His current research interest is Design and construction of healthcare facilities to minimize disease transmission through smart hospital air quality management.

Alastair Boulding

Alastair Boulding. (Architectural Design, Technology + Construction Processes; Chair: Joe Burgett) email:

Alastair received his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Rowan University in New Jersey, U.S. Alastair is a United Association of Steamfitters and Service Techs HVAC Master with 17 years of experience in the construction industry both Union and Non-Union and has held positions of journeyman, shop steward, foreman, project manager and estimator in the trade of Mechanical contracting. Most recently Alastair has been teaching HVAC refrigeration, blueprint reading and budgeting courses in vocational and community colleges while consulting developers on multi-family mechanical installation projects in the San Francisco area. Alastair is currently working as a Graduate Assistant to Dr. Joseph Burgett researching Unmanned Aircraft System technologies and Construction Sciences.

Jiaying Dong

Jiaying Dong. (Built Environment & Health; Chair: Dina Battisto) email:

Jiaying Dong completed a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture in 2016 and a Master degree in Landscape Architecture from Beijing Forestry University in 2019. Her current research interest lies in the relationship between landscape design and human health. She is working as a graduate assistant under the supervision of Dr. Dina Battisto.

Swati Goel

Swati Goel. (Built Environment + Health; Chair: Anjali Joseph). email:

Swati Goel holds a Master of Science in Architectural Design and Research from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During her time in Michigan, she investigated user behavior in designed spaces, researching on “Spaces to de-stress using architectural design and research.” After graduating from Michigan in 2018, she was employed as an architectural designer for two years while working towards her architectural licensure. She also has a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India. Swati gets her interest in Built environment + Health from her observations as an architect, and the general lack of physical spaces to address stress in daily life. She argues that research in architectural design lacks focus on mental health as a mandatory parameter to the design of spaces.

Ajay Jadhav

Ajay Jadhav. (Architectural Design, Technology + Construction Processes; Chair: Dennis Bausman) email:

Ajay Jadhav’s educational background includes Masters in Construction Science and Management from Clemson University (2019) and BS in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University, India (2013). Before coming to Clemson for his studies, Ajay has held positions in Project Management as Project Engineer and Assistant Manager working with a construction company in India on a township project over a period of four years. He is currently a PhD student at Clemson University and will be assisting Dr. Bausman on a grant funded project developing Scope of Services and best practices.

Farnaz Kamyab

Farnaz Kamyab. (Regional and Community Development and Design; Chair: Enrique L Ramos-Santiago) email:

Farnaz holds a M.s in Urban Design from University of Tehran, Iran; and a B.s in Urban Development from Art University of Tehran, Iran. Farnaz’ area of interest is specifically ecological urban planning and design, since 2010. After fulfilling her master thesis on ecological urban design, she has worked in consulting corporations and done research on urban sustainability, focusing on Tehran's air pollution. She is currently working under the supervision of Prof. Ramos-Santiago as teaching assistant and research assistant; her dissertation is on socio-ecological system theory (SES) to investigate the impacts of social factors on urban green area's transformations in suburbs.

Soomin Kim

Soomin Kim. (Regional and Community Development & Design; Chair: Stephen Buckman) email:

Soomin received a BA in History from Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea (2014). During his military service in United States Forces Korea, Combined Forces Command (USFK CFC), he did historic preservation research of US military bases in Korea. (2011), He earned a MA in Urban Planning from University of South Florida (2018). He worked as an intern in Palmetto CRA, FL and participate several community based projects which gave him great interest upon vulnerable senior population. His current interests are built environmental history and senior health issues in city.

Chien-Ho Ko

Chien-Ho Ko. (Architectural Design, Technology & Construction Processes; Chair: Michael Carlos Kleiss) email:

Chien-Ho received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering from National Taiwan Institute of Technology and a Master of Science and a Ph.D. in Construction Management from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He conducted his Postdoctoral Research at the University of California at Berkeley with Dr. Glenn Ballard and Dr. Iris D. Tommelein. His research has centered around lean construction, construction management, artificial intelligence, and automation in construction. At Clemson University, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Architectural Design, under the supervision of Prof. Michael Carlos Kleiss, to achieve his vision of CAD/CAM integration. Before enrolling in the PDBE program, he was Professor of Civil Engineering at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. Chien-Ho is currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Engineering, Project, and Production Management.

Xiaowei Li

Xiaowei Li. (Built Environment + Health; Chair: Dina Battisto) email:

Xiaowei Li received her Master degree from Cornell University and Bachelor degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with both in Landscape Architecture. She worked past two years as landscape designer and decided to pursue further study in environmental influences on aging in place. Having extensive interest in built environment for human health, her concentration is on the effects and the design implications of accessing to nature on senior communities’ cognitive functioning.

Marchell Magxaka

Marchell Magxaka. (Regional and Community Development and Design; Chair: James Spencer) email:

Marchell Magxaka received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management in 2013, a Masters in Public Administration with an International focus in 2015, a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2017. Marchell's research interest is in the Developing Nations Community Planning & Development, focusing on the monitoring and evaluation of human settlement development initiatives.

Elham Masoomkhah (Ellie)

Elham Masoomkhah (Ellie). (Regional and Community Development and Design; Chair: Mickey Lauria) email:

Elham earned a BS in Architectural Engineering from National University of Iran in 2012. She worked as an architect and a designer in Iran for a while prior to her departure from home. She is a Master’s student in City and Regional Planning program at Clemson University. Her Master’s thesis is developing criteria for social justice in Islamic context. Her research interests are Environmental Justice, Social Justice, and the grassroots movements related to them. She also works as the GIS System Administrator at Clemson University Planning and Design.

Anastasia Maurina

Anastasia Maurina. (Architectural Design, Technology & Construction Processes; Chair: Vincent Blouin) email:

Anastasia Maurina received her Bachelor’s (2004) and Master’s degree (2009) in Architecture from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia. She is an assistant professor at Department of Architecture, Parahyangan Catholic University for the past ten years. She is pursuing her PhD at Clemson University. Her current research interest is developing bamboo deployable structures using a computational approach.

Anna Stout

Anna Treado Overby. (Regional and Community Development and Design; Chair: Caitlin Dyckman) email:

Anna holds a M.S. in Forestry from North Carolina State University (2011) and a B.S. in Environmental and Natural Resources from Clemson University (2008). Anna is interested in the effectiveness of land conservation policies and in how society engages with land conservation strategies. Her current research, under the direction of Dr. Caitlin Dyckman, is to examine the link between conservation easement policies and approaches and conservation outcomes.

Stacy Scott

Stacy Scott. (Built Environment and Health; Chair: Dina Battisto) email:

Stacy Scott received her Master’s Degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2016. Prior to enrolling in the Planning, Design, and Built Environment program, Stacy held various design positions in both healthcare and multifamily focused architecture firms. It was during her time on the design team for a psychiatric hospital for young women dealing with disordered eating, that she realized her passion for researching the built environment’s impact on mental health. Stacy has worked in architecture, graphic design, and information design, and finds her research interests expressed most fully in the intersection of joyful design of the healthcare environment, social equity, psychological health.

Xiawei Shen

Xiwei Shen. (Restoration, Sustainability, and Land Ecology; Chair: Mary Padua). email:

Xiwei received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with distinction from Louisiana State University (2017) and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design (2019). Before joining the PDBE, Xiwei worked as designers and participated in various types of landscape projects all around the world. His current research interests are focus on ecological landscape planning, discovering the advanced technology from the related fields to create logical planning strategies.

Saeideh Sobhaninia

Saeidah Sobhaninia. (Regional and Community Development & Design; Chair: Stephen Buckman) email:

Saida received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and her master’s degree in Urban Design at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran. Her master thesis was on “ Improving Sense of Place in New Cities”. Saida had taught Urban Design and Architecture courses in Iran for five years and she also had worked at Revitalization Organization, where she had immersed herself in addressing urban issues in historical parts of the city. Her current research interest is about investigating the climate change and how design can make cities more resilient. She is teaching and doing research under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Buckman at Clemson University.

Qingqing Sun

Qingqing Sun. (Architectural Design, Technology + Construction Processes; Chair: Vincent Blouin). email:

Qingqing received a Bachelor of Engineering from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China and started her career as an architect in the city of Shanghai. Later she earned a Master’s Degree of Architecture in Clemson. Her current interests are integrated design of medical laboratories and sustainable environmental system in urban context.

Jueminsi Wu

Jueminsi Wu. (Restoration, Sustainability + Land Ecology; Chair: Mary Padua) email:

Jueminsi Wu received her Master degree in Landscape Architecture from Clemson University in 2016 and her Bachelor degree in Architecture from Suzhou University of Science and Technology in China in 2013. She had professional practice in both U.S and China. Her current research interests include waterfront design and educational landscape.

Ph.D. in Planning, Design and the Built Environment
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