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History and Geography

Degree Requirements: Digital History Ph.D.

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Core (9 credits)

The core curriculum provides training in historical research and writing.

  • HIST 8010: Historical Research Methods
  • HIST 8810: Historiography
  • Graduate History Seminar (HIST 8000: Seminar in US History; HIST 8300: Seminar in Asian History; HIST 8400: Seminar in Latin American History; HIST 8600: Seminar in British History; HIST 8700: Seminar in European History)

Digital Field (18 credits)

The digital field is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of various digital history methodologies, projects, and scholarship. Students will learn how to use a programming language to assist in historical research and present their interpretations in multiple mediums. 

  • HIST 8500: Digital Methods I
  • HIST 8510: Digital Methods II
  • HIST 8520: Digital Historiography
  • HIST 8550: Seminar in Digital History
  • Elective (6 credits: HIST 6150: Topics in Digital History or other approved digital course)

Primary Field (12 credits)

The primary field is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of the historiography and major historical debates in a particular geographic field (United States, Europe, or The World). The graduate student will be prepared to offer instruction and historical consultation in their chosen field.

  • Electives (9 credits)
  • HIST 8860: Graduate Readings

Concentration Field (6 credits)

The concentration field will prepare students to conduct original scholarly research on a particular subject. This concentration could be thematic, geographic, temporal, or methodological.

  • Electives (3 credits)
  • HIST 8860: Graduate Readings

Career Diversity (9 credits)

The career diversity courses are designed to prepare students who are interested in pursuing work in various capacities in the public or private sector. The practicum will be an individualized experience based upon the interests of the student. When applicable, the practicum will include collaboration with other institutions and businesses.

  • HIST 8580: History Graduate Practicum
  • HIST 6190: Grant Writing for Public and Digital History
  • HIST 8880: Professional Research and Writing

Dissertation (18 credits)

Students work on researching and writing their dissertation under the supervision of a professor. Students are expected to present their work at least once a year in a departmental seminar.

Comprehensive Exams

Students will take one exam in digital history, one in their primary field, and one in their concentration field. In each area, the student will agree on a reading list with a professor, based on the comprehensive knowledge needed to join the ongoing historical scholarly conversation in that area. The professor will then provide a set of questions for a written exam. The exams may be taken at different times and may in rare circumstances be repeated no more than one time if the first exam is not satisfactory. When the exams are successfully completed, the chair of the committee will report the results to the graduate school on the GS5D form (Results of the Doctoral Comprehensive Exam and Candidacy). Once approved, this marks the transition to candidacy where the student proceeds to develop a dissertation prospectus.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students are expected to demonstrate reading ability in a second language (satisfied at the Master’s level by coursework or exam). Those students admitted without the necessary language competnecies at the Master’s level will negotiate a customized requirement with their advisor and PhD program coordinator based on their particular research and career interests.