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William A. Brant, Ed.D.

William A. Brant, Ed.D.

Senior Lecturer of American Sign Language

Ed.D., University of South Carolina


Since Fall 2000, Dr. Alton Brant has served as an Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer of American Sign Language (ASL) at Clemson University. His first language is ASL having been raised by deaf parents. Trained as an educator, Dr. Brant completed his Ed.D. in Special Education Administration in 1986 (University of South Carolina). He has served as a teacher, administrator, and advisor to numerous institutions and agencies serving the Deaf. He has been a guest lecturer to the Czech Republic, Palestine (Gaza) and Russia. He also established the ASL Club at Clemson University in 2001. His work experience includes interpreting, teaching, administering a program for deaf children with behavioral/emotional problems, and serving as the Director of the SC School for the Deaf. He has consulted with the SC Department of Mental Health and the SC Department of Education. He has served on several boards related to the education of deaf children and the Deaf Community at-large.

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