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Who studies philosophy? How about comedian Stephen Colbert or political activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for starters? The word “philosophia” means “love of wisdom,” and — true to their name — philosophers have challenged, enlightened and sustained human society since the time of the ancient Greeks. Clemson’s philosophy degree will help you gain a broad understanding of the human condition and develop the ability to bring critical thinking and organizational skills to creative problem solving. The philosophy major is especially well regarded as preparation for law and medical school. Graduates also pursue graduate work in a wide variety of humanities, social sciences and other disciplines. (Students who major in philosophy do extremely well on not just the LSAT but also the GMAT -- you can find some illuminating charts comparing the scores of various majors.) With two distinct emphasis areas (a general philosophy track or "law, liberty and justice"), Clemson’s program is well equipped to meet your specific career goals. 

What you'll study

In addition to studying classic and contemporary works of philosophy and various philosophical methods, you’ll take course work in the humanities (other than philosophy), math, science and social sciences. Students with existing majors in other fields often double-major in philosophy, and we work with them to develop the best curricular plan for this. Students in philosophy choose from one of two distinct emphasis areas: 

Philosophy Emphasis

This option gives students great flexibility in their course work. Learn about ancient and modern philosophy, and choose from a wide range of philosophical topics tailored to your interests and career plans.

Law, Liberty and Justice Emphasis

This emphasis is ideal for pre-law students and students interested in social/political philosophy and social justice issues. In addition to the core classes in ancient and modern philosophy, you will take classes in moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of law and legal history. The department works to arrange a pre-law internship for majors, which is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn about the legal profession. The department also runs a moot court competition team that enters events held by the American Moot Court Association.

Religious Studies

The BA in Religious Studies provides an interdisciplinary grounding in the histories, scriptures, rituals, mythologies, ethics, and beliefs of world religious traditions as they have been situated in specific geo-political contexts through the millennia.

What you'll study

Students are trained to become global thinkers with a deeper understanding of the world’s cultural, political, and social differences.  Students are encouraged to double-major and graduates often go on to pursue graduate work and employment in a number of fields, including law, medicine, politics, ministry, non-profit and service-related industries.

Department of Philosophy and Religion
Department of Philosophy and Religion | 126D Hardin Hall, Clemson, SC 29634