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Philosophy and Religion

Faculty Publications

Recent Faculty Publications

  • Andrew Wells Garnar, "Hickman, Technology, and the Postmodern Condition", Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology (2012). 

  • Christopher Grau, "A Sensible Speciesism?", Philosophical Inquiries (2016).

  • Steven Grosby, “National Identity, Nationalism, and the Catholic Church”, Oxford Handbook in Religion, Oxford University Press (2016). 

  • Stephen Satris, "Wittgenstein's Lectures on Religious Belief", Philosophical Investigations (2013).

  • Mashal Saif, "Notes from the Margins: Shi‘a Political Theology in Contemporary Pakistan", Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies (2014). 

  • Kelly Smith, "The Curious Case of the Martian Microbes: Mariomania, Intrinsic Value and the Prime Directive” in Tony Milligan and James Schwartz (Eds.), The Ethics of Space Exploration, Springer (2016).

  • Charles Starkey, "Emotion and Character" in Christian Miller (Ed.), Character: New Directions, Oxford University Press (2015). 

  • David Lee Stegall, "Matthew Sharpe's Camus, Philosophe: To Return to Our Beginnings", Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews  (2016).

  • Benjamin White, Remembering Paul: Ancient and Modern Contests over the Image of the Apostle, Oxford University Press (2014).

  • Daniel Wueste, "Promoting Integrity Integritively: Avoiding the Scylla and Charybdis of Abdication and Zealotry”, Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations, Volume 12, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2014).

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