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CAAH Ambassadors

The CAAH Ambassadors work with the Student Services Center to promote the College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities to prospective students in a variety of ways. Ambassadors provide facility tours, participate in student panels, assist with visit events, host our annual Fusion event for students to showcase their work, conduct outreach to accepted students, and much more.

Applications to join the Ambassadors are now open and can be found here.

If you have questions about the CAAH Ambassador program or the application process, please contact Cari Brooks

2019-2020 Ambassadors




Mary Margaret Stokes

Shannon Maria

Madeline Cost

Lauren Bradshaw

Paige Ashworth

Thomas Murray

Angie Mendoza

Zain Surka

Brianna Wallace

Samantha Connell

Megan Gower

Thomas Marshall III


Construction Science & Management


Julia Seppala

Fulton Garner

Jesse Blevins

James Dodd

Destiny Stewart

Nolly Swan

Language & International Health

Landscape Architecture

Rachel Amaral

Brad Hicks

Fiona Kane

Keasler Rothemich

Maeve Marsh

Sarah Fuller

Hannah Durham

Madelyn Stafford

Language and International Business

Audio Technology

Julianna Franco

Will Gioffre

Sarah Kennedy

Sky Massenet

World Cinema


Tate Fowler

Amy Gray

Sarah Fuller

Production Studies in Performing Arts


Reagan Thompson (Theatre)

Will Gioffre