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Academic Advising in CAAH

Faculty Advisors

Most advising in the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities occurs between students and their faculty advisors, who are housed in their respective departments. Meetings take place at least once per semester, and this one-on-one advising begins at Orientation and continues through graduation.

Students can make an appointment by contacting their advisor directly. Advisors are listed in CU Navigate. If there is no assigned advisor, students may email the lead advisor for their major (listed below) for more information.

CAAH Student Services Advising

While most advising matters are handled by faculty advisors, CAAH Student Services can assist with problems or concerns students may encounter, including, but not limited to: navigating a double major or dual degree; understanding a university policy or procedure; connecting with a university resource or service; or handling a concern about a current advisor.

CAAH Student Services staff members can also connect you with specialized pre-professional health, pre-law and study abroad advising.