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Digital Design Shop


The Clemson University School of Architecture Digital Design Shop ( is a cad/cam research lab for students and faculty experimenting with digital fabrication, cad/cam, and rapid prototyping. The facility has a full array of state of the art equipment (laser cutters, cnc routers, and 3d printers) to undertake and pursue these research agendas. The facility is spread between a 3000 SF materials lab hosting traditional wood working equipment and large format CNC machines, and a 1000 SF digital lab hosting a variety of laser and knife cutters, 3D printers, and 15 high end workstations. The explores the possibilities of digital design and issues of materiality/tactility by synthesizing these tools into one facility and is designed as a platform for experimentation in these research areas.


Shan Sutherland
Manager of Digital Design Shop and Materials Lab
Clemson University