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Faculty Bio

Newman, Winifred Elysse, Ph.D.

Newman, Winifred Elysse, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs; Homer Curtis Mickel and Leola Carter Mickel Professor of Architecture

Office: Lee 3-103
Phone: 864-656-9845
Web Site:

Ph.D., Harvard University (2010); Master of Philosophy, Harvard University (2008); Master of Architecture, Harvard University (1998)

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Newman concentrates on spatial perception in architecture, ecological psychology, and neuroaesthetics with active research in data visualization, mapping, STEM learning environments, and histories of technology and science. She received funding from the NSF, FIU, the Graham Foundation and others. Dr. Newman was a Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin with additional fellowships from the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences.