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Sustaining a culture, here in the School of Architecture, that embraces learning across the entire range of our collective activities draws on the foundational aspirations of Clemson University and the School of Architecture.  The raison d/etre of this university and this department is to create a place for learning.  The high seminary of learning envisioned by Thomas Green Clemson enfolds all of us, the entire university community as active learners. We are here to learn. All of us.  The goal of our learning is to answer the question, "how do we make a meaningful place for ourselves in the world?" The School of Architecture's learning culture is broad and overarching and grows out of the School's full range of activities.  Both the graduate and undergraduate programs of study are organized around the series of design studios.  The architectural design studios project-based pedagogy and its centrality within the curricula mean it serves as a compounding element in relationship to the larger learning culture.  But while it is central to the School's work, it is not the center and while programs of study are organized around the studio sequence, studio is not the singular focus. Inside and outside of Lee Hall, there are many resources for students and opportunities to become involved as a member and leader of a wide variety of organizations.  These include the Clemson chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS);  Graduate Architecture Student Partnership (GASP); The Design-Build Institute of America (DIBA); Graduate Association of Landscape Architects (GALA); and the Clemson Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (CUASLA).

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