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The required course study of the Architecture + Health Curriculum consists of two and three year tracks, both with an option for comprehensive or thesis projects.

The first year of the three-year track is within Clemson's general architecture program, this year allows students without an architectural background to receive core architectural knowledge before their two years within the Architecture + Health studio.  This first year also gives opportunities for new students to study abroad.

The two-year track is based in Clemson, SC and places students with an undergraduate degree in architecture directly into the Architecture + Health studio.


Download the Architecture + Health Graduate Curriculum

Campus Visits

The School of Architecture welcomes campus visits from prospective students. The location of the Architecture + Health studio is in 104 Lee Hall, visits to the studio should be scheduled in advance and visitors should first check in at the department offices located at 145C Lee Hall or contact David Allison at

More Information

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