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The Cigar FactoryThe Graduate Program in Historic Preservation and its students draw on a wide range of resources during their two-year course of study.  One of the program’s most significant assets is its location in Charleston, arguably the nation’s best-preserved city and birthplace of many of historic preservation’s most effective tools. 

The program’s studios as well as its architectural conservation and microscopy laboratories are housed at the new Clemson Design Center located within The Cigar Factory.  The microscopy lab is equipped with digital imaging instruments including a CRAIC photospectrometer.  As students of both Clemson University and the College of Charleston, MSHP students have access to all the laboratories and facilities both schools manage, from the Brick Institute at Clemson to the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston to the Warren Lasch Conservation Center where MSHP students use XRF, XRD and SEM technology to assess the properties and degradation of historic building materials.


Historical Context

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