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Warren Lasch Conservation Lab

The Warren Lasch Conservation Lab is located on the North Charleston campus of the Restoration Institute. The lab was originally created to conserve the Hunley — a Civil War-era submarine which was the world's first to sink an enemy ship. The Hunley sank and was lost in 1864, but was found and raised in 1995.

Warren Lasch Lab

The goal of the Warren Lasch Conservation Lab is to advance the science of metal artifact conservation. The Hunley has been placed in a massive 55' x 18' x 9' tank filled with fresh water and is undergoing an excavation of the interior. The conservators have implemented an impressed electrical current system to inhibit further corrosion of the Hunley's metal structure.

The lab is equipped with an x-ray imaging system, XRF spectrum analyzers, remote video devices, precision excavation tools, and various electrical and chemical testing equipment.

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