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Course Descriptions

Building Models

HP 8010/HSPV 620. Preservation Law and Economics (3)
Advanced discussion of the legal framework of historic preservation with particular attention to cultural resources statutes and local laws as well as policy mechanisms and review of pertinent economic policies.  Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program  and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8020/HSPV 802. Historic Preservation  Research Seminar (3 )
Advanced research in preparation for thesis project with particular attention to role of proposals and methodology in independent research.  Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HSPV 8090/HSPV 809

HP 8030/HSPV 803. Building Technology and Pathology (3)
An advanced lecture course that focuses on the physical properties of modern building materials, mechanisms of failure, and alternatives for conservation interventions.  Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program  and HP 8190/HSPV 819, HP 8070, HSPV 807

HP 8040/HSPV 804. Management & Administration in Historic Preservation
Principles of management of non-profit cultural resources organizations with particular stress on non-profit theory, fundraising and development, strategic planning, lobbying, human resources, and communications. Professional projects in this course are created from current preservation and planning issues. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program  and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8050/HSPV 805. Preservation Studio (6)
A studio course developing preservation projects. Course content stresses documentation, critical evaluation and application of design and preservation strategies to cases in Charleston and its environs. Main street designs, cultural landscape interventions, design theory and skills, and measured drawings are implemented and addressed.  Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program  and HP 8190/HSPV 819

HP 8070/HPSV 807. American Architecture (3)
A survey of American buildings from the sixteenth century to the modern era with particular attention to the social, intellectual, technological, and economic forces that shaped America’s cityscapes, small towns and countryside. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program

HP 8080/HSPV 808. History and Theory of Historic Preservation (3)
Survey history of preservation that explores a variety of theoretical issues that impact the discipline. Provides a basis for critical evaluation of historic preservation. Discusses architectural and planning theories that drive preservation policy and application.  Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program

HP 8090/HSPV 809. Historical Research Methods (3)
Advanced instruction in historical research methods in private archival manuscript sources and public records with application to recovering and writing the history of buildings and landscapes.  Students acquire research, writing and presentations skills.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program

HP 8100/HSPV 810. Conservation Science Laboratory (6)
Conservation of historic materials on site and in the lab. Detailed analysis of architectural building materials using hands-on experiences, lectures, readings and laboratory exercises necessary to understand the performance and physical properties of historic building materials and abilities to identify mechanisms of deterioration and formulate appropriate conservation interventions.  
Preq: 819: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8190/HSPV 819

HP 8110/HSPV 811. Advanced Conservation Science Laboratory (3)
Advanced practicum in conservation through a specific site or conservation issue.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8100/HSPV 810

HP 8190/HSPV 819. Investigation, Documentation, Conservation (6)
The integration of multiple preservation skills by creating a professionally presented documentation and analysis project. It prepares students to read and record the material fabric of historic buildings and landscapes and provides a platform for field experience in architectural descriptions, photography, measured drawings, and landscapes. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program

HP 8210/HSPV 821. Historic Preservation and Public Memory (3)
A seminar that explores the creation of American public memory through commemorations, festivals, museum exhibits, historic sites, monuments, and other historic preservation activities.  
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8220/HSPV 822. Vernacular Places and Spaces (3)
An intensive survey of the study of commonplace buildings and landscapes in North America.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8070/HSPV 807

HP 8230/HSPV 823. Historic American Interiors (3)
Survey of the American domestic interior from the seventeenth to the twentieth century with emphasis on the social, cultural, economic, and technological currents that influenced the furnishing of American dwelling places.  In addition to investigating period forms and materials, it explores the interpretation of primary sources and historical finishes.  
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8250/HSPV 825. Sustainability and Historic Preservation (3)
A seminar course analyzing the sustainability movement as intricately tied to historic preservation.  History is examined through the evolution of policy and building science.  Coursework investigates foundational theories from the sustainability field and emphasizes the multi-faceted movements existing and potential for interface with the discipline of preservation.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8260/HSPV 826. Historic Structures Report (3)
This project-based course takes students through the process of generating a historic structures report.  The course builds on skill sets introduced in earlier coursework. Students will undertake research, documentation and architectural investigation to comprehensively document and analyze a case-study building in Charleston or its environs.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program  and HP 8190/HSPV 819

HP 8270/HSPV 827. Adaptive Use (3)
This project-based course revolves around the production of an adaptive use space-planning scheme. Students will develop creative, logical processes to propose a reuse scheme consistent with real-world constraints. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program, and HP 8190/HSPV 819

HP 8280/HSPV 828. Case Studies in Preservation Engineering (3)
Introduction to structural engineering, loads on structures, and structural elements in buildings. Examines behavior and deterioration of primary structural materials in historic structures. Students visit real world examples of major engineering issues in existing structures to determine how conclusions are reached and how recommendations are made concerning the structure. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8190/HSPV 819

HP 8330/HSPV 833. Cultural and Historical Landscape Preservation (3)
Overview of cultural historic landscape preservation principles and practices. Includes inventory and analysis of historic resources from a cultural landscape perspective. Qualities of integrity are studied in correspondence to location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, and feeling and association. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP8190/HSPV 819

HP 8450/HSPV 845. Historic Preservation Internship (3)
Internship typically completed during the summer through which students explore a historic preservation project in a professional work environment. Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program

HP 8910/HSPV 891. Thesis in Historic Preservation (1 or 6)
Completion of thesis proposed in the third semester under guidance of thesis director and committee. May be repeated.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8020/HSPV 802 and approval of thesis committee.

HP 8920/HSPV 892. Special Topics in Historic Preservation (3)
Seminar dedicated to intensive exploration of timely topics in historic preservation.
Preq: Enrollment in MSHP/HSPV program and HP 8080/HSPV 808

HP 8930/HSPV 893. Independent Study in Historic Preservation  (1-3)
Pursuit of an independent research project under the direction of graduate faculty.  Credit is variable: 1 to 3 hrs. Preq: HP 8090/HSPV 809 and HP 8190/HSPV 819