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Peterson Prize

HABS: Charles E. Peterson Prize Drawings

Each year the program submits an application for the Peterson Prize sponsored by the Historic American Building Survey and the National Park Service. To compile these drawings students learn the skills required to accurately record historic structures. The process of measuring and carefully recording buildings is proven to be a very effective way to gain an understanding of historic construction, building fabric and design. It also provides an accurate record of American architectural heritage and the drawings produced become a part of the permanent HABS collection in the Library of Congress. While a systematic examination of buildings is labor intensive, it creates an academic database and provides a form of insurance if the buildings are later destroyed.

In 2016, the program placed FIRST for the measured drawings of Pompion Hill Chapel in Huger, SC.

Completed Drawings:


Pompion Hill Chapel, Huger, SC First Place 2016


Charles Augustus Magwood House, Charleston Third Place 2015


William Blacklock House, Charleston Honorable Mention 2014


Fenwick Hall, Johns Island Second Place 2013


Pineville Chapel, Berkeley County Third Place 2012

Taveau Church, Berkeley County Honorable Mention 2012


Christ Church, Charleston County First Place, 2011

Burt-Stark House, Abbeville County 2011

[The] Nathaniel Barnwell House, Charleston County 2011


[The] MacColl House, Malboro County Second Place 2010

MacColl House


Magnolia Cemetery, Charleston County  Fourth Place 2009

Magnolia Cemetery


Farmer's Bank and Exchange, Charleston County Third Place 2008

Farmer's Bank and Exchange


Hopewell Property, Pickens County 2007


Othniel-Beale House, Chrleston County Second Place 2007

Othniel-Beale House