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Traveling Students


Art students have several opportunities to participate in field trips or study abroad while a student at Clemson University.


Every senior takes a field trip to New York City lead by the senior seminar professor. The class views art encompassing media and time periods from artists who are known all over the world. Traveling to New York City is part of the undergraduate curriculum and prepares the students for entry into the professional art world. The New York City trip reflects Clemson’s goal to create experiential learning opportunities for students. The student undergraduate curriculum is further enhanced by informal professional activities with faculty; field trips to art centers in Charlotte, Columbia, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.; interaction with visiting artists; and opportunities to participate in local and regional exhibitions.


The Art Department offers students a chance to immerse themselves in another art culture during a four-week summer school located in Orvieto, Italy with day trips to other cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice. Activities include visits to historically significant art works, classes in Italian language, gained knowledge of Etruscan ceramics, immersion in Italian culture as well as participating in the studio practice of on-site drawing and journaling. Students will come away with a good sense of contemporary and historically significant artworks and a portfolio full of inspiration and drawings.


The Fine Arts Student Association (FASA) also organizes field trips as well as an annual trip to a major urban art center.