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Board of Trustees


Executive Committee

Robert Morgan

Vice President:
Eric Holmberg

Sam Herin, AIA

Tim Hance, AIA

Past President
Asheley Scott St. John, AIA

Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members
(Executive Committee and Board of Trustees)

Dr. Nicholas Vazsonyi
Dean, College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

Clemson University Liaison
Lisa Marcus, Associate Comptroller - Related Organizations 

Off-Campus Programs Liaison
Regina Foster, Director

Administrative Coordinator
Kaycee Collins

Administrative Director - Charles E. Daniel Center - Genoa
Silvia Siboldi Carroll

School of Design + Building Department Chairs
(Ex-Officio Non-Voting Trustees)

Jim Stevens, Director
School of Architecture

Valerie Zimany, Chair
Department of Art

Dr. Mike Jackson, Chair
Department of Construction Science and Management

Dr. John Gaber, Chair
Department of City Planning and Real Estate Development

(Voting Members of the Board)

Robby Aull, AIA
Lockie Brown
Terry Buchmann
Lynn Craig
Richard del Monte, FAIA
Sandy Gibbes
Katherine Kennon, AIA
Lisa Lanni, AIA
BJ Laterveer, AIA
Marc Marchant, AIA
Rick Mellin
Fred Moore
Joeb Moore, AIA
Lee O'Shields
Andrew Payne
Nicole Perri
Jeff Pitts
Todd Richardson
Jeffrey S. Roark, AIA
Jennifer Smith Rogers
Jamie Schwedler
Todd Sease, AIA
Marlene Shade
Thomas (Tommy) Smith, AIA
Peter Sutton, AIA
Mike Taylor, AIA
Josh Tiller
Allison Tucker
Kelley Waldrop, AIA
Cleve Walker
Kenneth Webb
Benjamin Whitener, AIA
Jimmy Wilhide
Robert Yannazzo

CUF Liaison
Rus Kingman

Founding Trustees

W.E. "Jack" Freeman, FAIA

William G. Lyles, FAIA

Dean Emeritus Harlan E. McClure, FAIA

Honorary Lifetime Trustees
(Voting Members of the Board)

President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
James F. (Jim) Barker, FAIA

Professor Emeritus John Jacques, AIA
CAF Purpose and Mission


The Clemson Architectural Foundation exists because of a strong desire by the design and building professions to elevate and enhance the quality of life through a partnership between the practice community, the School of Architecture and related design and building disciplines within the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University.


The mission of the Clemson Architectural Foundation is the improvement of education in architecture; construction science and management; planning, development and preservation; landscape architecture; and visual arts.  The Foundation will build a strong financial base through active fund-raising efforts.