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Supporting the CAF is an investment in the future of building industry and the arts. A connection to the CAF provides a marketing advantage with access to the South Carolina building industry network and beyond. The students who benefit from CAF programs will later enter the building industry and contribute as professionals, clients, and customers.

We welcome contributions from all who wish to support the aims and objectives of the Clemson Architectural Foundation (CAF) whether you are an alumni, a friend, a firm or a corporation. We recognize all donors who support the ambitions of the CAF with an annual contribution at any affordable level, and it is tax deductible. Gifts to the CAF are automatically eligible for the Clemson Fund annual gift clubs.

Giving Levels:

  • Heritage Partners, $25,000 or more
  • Founders, $10,000-$24,999
  • Clemson Fellows, $5,000 - $9,999
  • Clemson Ambassadors, $2,500 - $4,999
  • President’s Club, $1,000 - $2,499
  • Order of the Silver Tiger, $500 - $999
  • University Club, $250 - $499
  • Century Club, $100 - $249
  • Members, $1 - $99

CAF Donors:  2017-2018

Unrestricted Donations to CAF

Design Strategies
The Jean T. & Heyward G. Pelham Foundation
Mark and Silvia Carroll
Jocarno Fund
Watson Tate Savory, Inc.
Richard del Monte
Garvin Design Group
Eric C. Holmberg
Katherine Kennon
Stubbs/Muldrow/Herin Architects
In Memory of Jeffrey Greene
Frederick Mellin
Joeb Moore & Partners, Architects
Christopher + Nicole Perri
Jeffrey Pitts
Kate Schwennsen
Todd + Deanna Sease
Asheley St. John
Eric C. Aichele
Joseph Brown
Thomas Burleson
Childs Architecture
Lynn Craig
Harold Davis
Robert Fairey
Fletcher Gaulden
Thomas Gressette
James T. Hance
John + Annemarie Jacques
Walter Jones
Anne Jones
Barry Koretz
Lisa Lanni
Peter Lee
Robert D. Mahony
Marc Marchant
Todd McGraw
Chuck + Susan Means
Fred & Helen Moore
John Morgan
Robert Morgan
Andrew Payne
Clark Pierce
Todd Richardson
C Rivers Stone Foundation
Jeffrey S. Roark
David W. Rogers
Marlene W. Shade
James B. Smith
Thomas N. Smith
Brad Smith
Sutton Architectural Services
Isaac Swisher
J. Michael Taylor
J.K. Tiller Associates
Harvey "Cleve" Walker
Jack Walker
Richard Waterhouse
Benjamin Whitener
James Wilhide
Allen Wood
Richard Beale
John Blackburn
Robin Brackett
Donna Carver
William Clark
Scott Disher
Gregory Fitzpatrick
Richard Goodstein
Richard Gowe
Madonna Greene
Mark Hasslinger
Joh Kwist
Reynolds Logan
Long & Associates
Robert T. Matthew
Keith Starnes
Stevens & Wilkinson, Inc.
Steven Walther
Kilough White
Whitmire Investment Company
John Young
Mary Beth Branham
John Butch
Janice Calomiris
Andrew Clark
John Currie
James Curry
Carla Eggl
Derek Hodge
Robin Julien
Judith Justice
Robert + Sally Lyles
Stephen McCall
Daniel-Mickel Foundation
Kemp Mooney Architect
Patrick T Mumford
Samuel Parker
Benjamin F. Story
Elizabeth T. Whitaker
Jeffrey Abrams
Gary Ainslie
Kevin Almers
Babiarz Law Firm
Robert Bainbridge
James F. Barker
Robert Beattie
Paul Betz
Scott Boulton
Tamara Brightwell
Jefferson Bulla
Ben Compton
Ben Crosland
Annelly Deets
Samuel Desollar
Mel Dias Designs, LLC
Derek Dittner
William Etheredge
Thomas Farmer
John Fendley
Nancy Fitzer
Jeff Fogle
Jefferson Fort
Michael Freeman
Brian Garrett
Richard Gilpin
Lura Godfrey
Robert Goodson
Paul Goodson
Daniel Gordon
Brian Gracey
Ernest Greene
David Hill
John Hopkins
William P. Horn Architect P.A.
Crawford Horne
Harry Howle
Christopher Jordan
Clarence Kane
Robert Kennedy
David Knox
Ralph Lamar
Katherine Leddick
Kenneth Leddick
Anne-Renee Livingston
Mahmoud Maheronnaghsh
Luke McCary
James Metze
Victoria Mooney
Russell Morse
Barry Nocks
Louise O'Cain
Clare O'Geary
Thomson Penney
Mack Pettit
Charles Piper
Lynn Pollard
Susan + Buddy Redd Charitable
William Ritchie
Rebecca Sanders
Ernest Schicler
David Schmieding
Julie Schoenagel
John Singleton
Catherine Smith
Catherine Stainback
Gil Stewart Architect LLC
Margaret Stivers
Ronald Sullivan
William Troublefield
Benjamin Ward
Bruce D. Vander Wiele Architect
Marc Weinberg
Olin Whitener
Elizabeth A. Wood
Gary Woodward
Todd Woodward
Gerald Zakim
James Atkins
Susan Barthelmess
James Beveridge
Lindsey Boozer
Steven Brucker
Paul Cash
Nancy Chamberlain
Richard Connell
Betty Crawford
Christopher Demeter
Todd Demianych
Edward W Dunning Architect
John Edwards
Jill Fox
Yvette Guy
Johathan Hehn
Paul Hohenthal
Ruth Horton
H. Hughes
Jeffrey Hume
Nancy Isakson
Lisa Jennings
Richard Jones
Thomas Lominack
Chris McCallister
PT + Sallie McCutchen
Janet McIlvane
Shery Ogletree
John Parillo
John Pinckney
Stephanie Reeves
Patricia Sandberg
Christopher Sandkuhler
Mary Jean Selman
Meaghan Shaughnessy
Stephen Sommer
Tad Stanley
John Stokes
Dianne Terry
Mary Tippett
Benjamin Ward
Faye Whitworth
Lawrence Wilund
Lindsay Woods
Andrea Young
Gerald Zelin

Archive of 2015-16 Donors

Archive of 2014-15 Donors