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About the Master of Real Estate Development Program

The complexities and dynamics of today’s real estate industry demand professionals who view themselves as stewards of our world’s fragile resources and who believe in responsible land use. Clemson University’s Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program recognizes that responsible development is not just a real estate industry fad. It is a way of life and a way of work.

That’s why the Clemson MRED strives to send its graduates into the world with the building blocks to become champions of responsible development and sustainable growth, within the context of economic feasibility and value creation.

Did you know?
  • All spring 2020 students were certified in Excel/Financial Modeling through REFM.
  • The MRED Program has attracted 250 students from 28 states and 6 countries (Brazil, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and S. Korea) from 96 collegiate institutions.
  • 28% of our students have Design/Construction related undergraduate degrees, 48% Business/Finance Related, and 24% Social Science/other related degrees. 
  • 251 program alumni 
Current MRED students at a networking event.