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Clemson University’s Master of Real Estate Development program is a full-time, 56-credit program that can be completed in either 18-months for Entry Level Early Career Students or 12-months for Experienced Development Professionals. Experienced Development Professionals have the opportunity to exempt 15 credit hours through an interview, transfer courses, and portfolio documentation prior to admittance.

Applications for Summer 2021 admission are open. First round application submissions for Summer 2021 consideration were due by November 1, 2020. The second round deadline is a rolling admissions deadline from January 15 through May 30, 2021. See more information on the admissions process here.

The MRED Program is a Second Summer Semester (SSII) start only and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early and work with the Program Coordinator to process your application. Contact MRED Program Admissions for more details.

Program Schedule for MRED Students Admitted in Summer 2021

All Students    

Summer II—June 28 – August 3, 2021  (off-site)

Distance-Learning, asynchronous format for two, three-credit classes, unless exempt: RED 8890 Introduction to Real Estate Accounting and Finance and ARCH 8200 Building Design and Construction Principles. These classes can be viewed online flexibly to accommodate your schedule, thereby allowing you to remain where you are for summer or permanent employment.

Entry Level Early Career Students

Fall Semester 2021—Fall Semester 2022: August 18, 2021 to December 2022 (on-site, face-to-face classes in Downtown Greenville, SC except summer internship) Graduation: December 2022 (Date, TBD)

Experienced Development Professional Students w/15 credit pre-approved exemptions

Fall Semester 2021—Summer I Semester 2022: August 18, 2021 to June 24, 2022 (on-site, face-to-face and hybrid/blended classes in Downtown Greenville, SC) Graduation: August 12, 2022

*Note: All academic calendar dates are subject to change as conditions warrant. See all Clemson Academic Calendar dates here.

MRED Curriculum Check Sheet

56 Credits

Prerequisite to Graduation Courses (15 credit hours):
Courses may be exempted* based on prior undergraduate or professional training by the MRED admissions committee with a review of documentation provided by the candidate for admission.

Semester Hours
RED 8890 Introduction to Accounting and Finance 3 Transcripts/Portfolio*
RED 8020 Real Estate Development Field Tour Seminar
10-day tour of South Carolina Coastal Development
3 Portfolio*
RED 8110 Summer Internship 3 Portfolio*
RED 8130 Real Estate Development Strategic Planning 3 Transcripts/Portfolio*
MBA 8360 Real Estate Principles 3 Transcripts/Portfolio*
Required Core Courses (41 Credit Hours)
Semester Hours
ARCH 8200 Building Design and Construction Principles 3
RED 8000 Real Estate Development Process 3
MBA 8410 Real Estate Finance 3
RED 8010 Real Estate Market Analysis 3
CRP 8020 Place Making for the Built Environment 3
RED 8100 Real Estate Seminar Roundtable 1
MBA 8330 Real Estate Investments 3
LAW 8480 Law for Real Estate Professionals 3
RED 8120 Real Estate Technology 2
RED 8150 Construction Operations in Real Estate Development 3
RED 8030 Public-Private Partnership 2
RED 8040 Practicum in Residential Development 3
RED 8050 Practicum in Commercial Development 3
Elective Course** 3
Elective Course** 3
Total Credits: 41

*A portfolio shall consist of examples of work and projects. Portfolio content examples are investment committee submissions, market studies, financial analysis studies, appraisals, project reports or similar items.          

**Elective Courses are offered in the following areas and offerings may vary:

  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Preservation Feasibility for Real Estate Professionals
  • Real Estate Strategic Planning
  • Selected Topics-Advanced Financial Modeling; Entitlements and the Pre-Development Process
  • Other approved finance courses in the MBA or MCSM programs.