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Distance Learning

The Telecampus office, located in E-205 Martin Hall, provides the following support services to its students:

  • Assistance with application procedures to the Graduate School or Undergraduate Admissions. Students have an opportunity to register for Telecampus courses, pay fees, and obtain required course materials by mail or telephone.
  • Access to a toll-free telephone number(s). This allows students to communicate with their advisors, instructors (at times other than during class sessions), the Graduate School, and the Registrar's Office at no cost.
  • Access to a fax machine. This can be used if a student assignment or exam must be submitted to the instructor in time for grading and feedback by the next class session.
  • Taped copies of lessons. Students may need these if they miss classes because of technical difficulties, professional commitments, or personal circumstances.
  • Library privileges at Clemson's Cooper Library. Every effort is made to ensure that distance-learning students have equal access to professional journals and other auxiliary materials that enhance the course content.
  • Coordination of examination proctoring on the Clemson campus and at the receiving sites. Although many instructors prefer to administer tests during Saturday sessions that students attend on the Clemson campus or at the University Center of Greenville, Telecampus will make arrangements for a reliable proctor at the receiving sites and will guarantee the security of the exam.
  • Coordination of meetings on the Clemson campus. This may include scheduling facilities, reserving equipment, and obtaining parking passes that are mailed to students with maps and directions.

Visit the Clemson Center for Corporate Learning website for more information.