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Degree Requirements

16327662582_9daba81635_z.jpgTo earn the MAWRM degree, you will fulfill the following requirements:

Complete the core courses. All MAWRM students take four core courses: English 8520 (Rhetorical Theories and Practices), English 8530 (Visual Rhetorics), English 8850 (Composition Theory), and English 8570 (Digital Rhetorics Across Media and Information Technologies).

Complete cognate courses. You take five cognate courses (not including 8850) in a specialty area of your choosing. Your faculty adviser, assigned by the program director based on your interests, will help you select courses that meet your goals.

Complete and defend a portfolio. The main component of a portfolio is a semester-long, potentially publishable paper or a client project accepted by the student's portfolio committee. Consult our list of past theses and projects for examples (students no longer complete a thesis). To help in completing a portfolio, students take three credit hours of English 8920 (Master's Project). Near the end of your first year, you will select three faculty to serve on your portfolio committee. These faculty will guide you through the project/paper process and the oral exam.The oral exam, which you will take after finishing your coursework, tests your understanding of the MAWRM reading list.

Present your portfolio to the faculty and students. MAWRM projects are archived in the MAWRM Thesis/Project Library.

For more information about academic requirements, consult the MAWRM handbook