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Oral Exam


After you complete your coursework, you should make plans to take your oral exam on the reading list as soon as possible. (Note that the current reading list is effective for students who entered the program after May 2008. If you entered prior to May 2008, you may use the current list or the old reading list.) During the oral exam, you will be asked questions about the readings by the members of your faculty committee. This committee will be the same as your thesis/project committee, unless you have made other arrangements. Note that only MAWRM faculty members may participate in oral exams; if your thesis/project committee includes a non-MAWRM faculty member, you will need a substitute for your oral exam.

Your coursework will help you become familiar with some of the readings. You will need to read other selections on your own. The MAWRM program maintains a copy of the readings in the MATRF for your use. As you get ready for your oral exam, study and discuss the readings as much as possible. Discussing the oral readings with other students in a group setting will help to raise your comfort level with the material and will mimic the oral exam setting. Consult the members of your faculty committee as well. Ask questions about readings and ask the faculty members to conduct a mock exam with you.

Follow these steps to set up and report the results of your oral exam:

  1.  Form your thesis/project committee and submit your GS2 form to the Graduate School.
  2.  With your committee members, establish a date and time for your exam. Confirm with your committee whether you will be examined on the old reading list (for students who entered prior to May 2008) or the current reading list (for students who entered after May 2008).
  3.  Ask Aleesa Marie Millet in the English Department main office to reserve a room for your exam. Notify your committee members of the location.
  4.  Send the date, time, and location of the exam to the program director at least 10 days prior to your test date.
  5.  On your exam day, bring the following materials to the exam room: a clean copy of the reading list, a pen and blank paper, and the oral exam report form.
  6.  After the oral exam, make copies of the signed oral exam report form for yourself and your committee.
  7.  Submit the original, signed oral exam report form to the MAWRM Director.