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Our state-of-the-art facilities, focused on enhancing your learning experience, provide excellent opportunities for practicing professional communication. We encourage you to see our facilities for yourself and to meet current faculty and students. Please contact our program director to arrange your personal visit.

Multimedia Authoring, Teaching and Research Facility (MATRF) mapc-students3.jpg If you are looking for an MAWRM student, the MATRF is a good place to start. The MATRF is a professional-level web, multimedia, and print facility that involves graduate students in professional design and communication projects. Through client-based projects, multimedia instruction, research projects, staff assistance, and media resources, the lab serves the university and the community. Most MAWRM classes are held here, and MAWRM students use the lab to complete classwork and projects. This facility provides the fastest internet connection on campus as well as state-of-the-art computer programs, video equipment, and multimedia facilities. As an incoming MAWRM student, your graduate assistantship position could be as a member of the MATRF lab staff.

Usability Testing Facility Using user-centered design, human factors, and usability testing theories, graduate students and faculty in Professional Communication work with industry partners to improve the usability of products intended for mass markets. By helping to improve the usability of clients’ products and documentation, the facility helps clients to reduce support costs, to decrease development expenses, and to increase their product’s competitiveness and customer satisfaction. The Usability Testing Facility (UTF) was constructed to meet the demands for sponsored, proprietary research on designing online documentation, web-based systems, and 3-dimensional interfaces. It supports a wide variety of media and digital formats, allowing researchers to collect data with everything from closed-circuit ceiling-mounted cameras to Hi-8 and DV cameras to software capture systems like CAMTASIA and Adobe.

Class of 1941 Studio for Student Communication large_todd_wud_0.jpg The Studio for Student Communication provides one of the best classroom spaces on campus. Created with a $1 million gift from Clemson University’s Class of 1941, the Studio for Student Communication offers a corporate-like environment for team meetings, individual work, and teaching. The Studio features a flexible, reconfigurable meeting or teaching space, a formal conference room, and other smaller spaces for small-group or individual work. Interactive smartboards and walls covered with tackboards surround the users with communication in a variety of media. The Studio also houses the MAWRM Thesis/Project Library, which includes copies of past students' theses and projects.