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University Services

Please click on the headings to go directly to websites that provide more information. The Student Financial Services office, located in Sikes Hall, is normally where students pay fees and bills. It does not offer savings or checking accounts. Student Financial Services: (864) 656-5592.

Clemson Area Transit (CAT)

bus-and-students The University operates a free bus system which provides transportation for students to destinations on campus as well as many places off campus. CAT serves surrounding communities as well as Clemson. CAT: (864) 654-CATS (654-2287).

Computer Access

The Clemson Computing and Information Technology (CCIT) is the primary supplier of computer and technological services for Clemson University. CCIT operates a variety of labs across the university. Popular labs are located in the following buildings:

Brackett Hall Atrium

Level 5 Cooper Library

M1 Martin Hall

101 &103 McAdams Hall

140 & 145 Sirrine Hall

During the regular semester, the Cooper Library labs are open whenever the library is open. The Martin Hall labs are open until 2:00 am on Monday through Thursday and operate on the same schedule as the rest of the labs on other days. The computer lab in the Brackett Hall atrium is open 24 hours a day.

Normal hours of operation for the rest of the labs are:

Monday -Thursday 8:00 am - 12:00 am

Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

In addition to the computing facilities, CCIT operates a help desk to assist university faculty, staff, and students in the use of the Computer Center’s hardware and software.

When you have questions, you may contact:

CCIT Help Desk

M3 Martin Hall

(864) 656-3494

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers services free of charge to all students enrolled full-time. All information is kept confidential. The center offers individual counseling and self-help groups. Areas of focus include personal issues, academic concerns, and self-management. The Counseling Center sponsors seminars and workshops on various topics such as racism, sexism, couples communication, etc. If you or someone you know needs help after hours, call the Redfern Help Center, (864) 656-2233. They have a psychiatrist trained to deal with crises and emergency situations; the psychiatrist can be reached anytime, day or night. Counseling Center: (864) 656-2451.

Disability Services

Disability services are available through the Office of Student Development. Services such as room adaptations, convenient schedules, interpreters, and note-taking are provided by the University. It is recommended that disabled students work with the Office of Student Development during pre-registration. Contact the Associate Director of Student Development at (864) 656-0511.

Getting Around Campus

You can get a campus map at the University Visitor's Center. The center offers a full range of services, including general information, audio-visuals, guided tours and other special orientation programs, publications, and displays to welcome visitors and introduce them to the University. Visitor’s Center: (864) 656-4789.

Graduate Student Government (GSG)

The GSA is composed of representatives from each department on campus. Monthly meetings are open to all graduate students. During the semester, GSA promotes various events including lectures, humanitarian activities, and outings. The group also offers travel funding for graduate students who are presenting papers at conferences. The Association publishes a newsletter called the GSA News, which is distributed free of charge to all graduate students. GSG: (864) 656-2697.

Health Insurance

Clemson University requires all full-time (9 hours or more), on-campus graduate students to have health insurance coverage. All international graduate students are also required to have health insurance. The coverage is subsidized for graduate assistants; to find the current premium amount for graduate assistants, see the Graduate School website. All full-time, on campus students will be enrolled in the University plan unless they are enrolled in an alternative health insurance plan that meets certain requirements as established by the University. Students who are covered by their parent’s, spouse’s, or employee health insurance will, in general, find those policies to be sufficient to meet this condition, but must complete the online waiver form nonetheless. Insurance plans that restrict enrollment based on national origin, such as those sold only to international students, will not be accepted for waiver. Go to the FAQs linked from the Health Insurance heading, above, for complete information about student health insurance and the waiver process, including the annual waiver submission deadline. Student Insurance Office: (864) 656-2233.


Apartment-style housing, designed for the specific needs of graduate students, is available on a 9- or 12-month lease. Graduate students are housed in Thornhill Village (2 bedrooms and 2 people per apartment) or Lightsey Bridge 2 (4 bedrooms and 4 people per apartment). Clemson no longer offers housing for married students/families. Space is often limited, so graduate students interested in on-campus housing should contact the University Housing Assignments Coordinator, Darlene Mahaffey, immediately upon acceptance to the university. Specific information can be found at the Central Housing Office, located in 202 Mell Hall, or by calling (864) 656-2295.

Legal Services

Student Services in the Student Government Office at the University Union offers a legal aid service. It pays for an initial 30-minute conference with an attorney. You can make use of this service twice a year. If you need assistance, go to the Student Government Office adjacent to Harcombe Dining Hall. You will be given a list of attorneys from which to choose and a voucher to cover the cost. Student Services: (864) 656-4314.

Michelin Career Center

The Michelin Career Center coordinates campus visits for hundreds of representatives from business, industry, and government who are interviewing graduate students for permanent employment and summer internships. Recruiters are scheduled from September through April. The Clemson University career placement system allows students to research employers and sign up for interviews from any campus terminal connected to the mainframe. Graduate students are encouraged to attend seminars on writing resumes, interviewing and job-search techniques. Individual career counseling and a computer-assisted career information system are available. All graduate students are encouraged to register with the placement office a year before their expected graduation date. If you would like more information, or if you would like to use the services of the Michelin Career Center, visit the Michelin Career Center in 316 Hendrix Center or call (864) 656-6000.

Multicultural Programs and Services

Multicultural Programs and Services provides a wide variety of educational, developmental, and social programs for students at Clemson University. The office promotes positive messages to the University community that serve as a vehicle for learning about the various cultures that are a part of the Clemson family. This includes targeting services for African American, Indian American, Hispanic American, Asian American, and Native American students.


For those who have cars, parking is available on campus in designated areas. Space is limited, and you may find that you have to park in a far lot and take the free CAT bus to your destination. (See CAT bus information on this page.) If you have a car, you should contact the Department of Parking Services, (864) 656-2270. You must pay a parking fee (price varies) for on-campus parking, at which time you will be given a permit for your car. The Department of Parking Services will provide you with a map that contains detailed information on student parking.

Postal Services

The campus post office, University Station, (864) 656-2351 is located on the lower level of the Student Union. The City of Clemson Post Office, (864) 654-2531 is located on College Avenue. Clemson area zip codes are:

Town: 29631

University Station Post Office: 29632

Clemson University: 29634

Printing Services

Copiers are available in the Cooper Library on various levels. They cost 10 cents per copy (5 cents with Tiger Card). If you do not have money on your Tiger Card, you may also obtain a visitor Tiger Card that can be used exclusively for making copies. Student Services also provides copiers at: the Manning Hall Lobby, Calhoun Courts Commons Building basement, and the Student Government Complex. The Union Copy Center, located in the University Union, provides self-service and counter services to students. For more information and hours, call (864) 656-2725. The Campus Copy Shop, located at One Rubin Square, 384 College Avenue (between Hallmark and Domino’s Pizza), offers self-service copiers. They also do full laser copies, engineering copies, blue-prints, binding, passport photos, lamination, reductions and enlargements, resumes, PMT’s, typesetting, etc. Faculty members often use this store as a pickup location for course notes. For more information and hours, call (864) 654-3863.

Public Safety and Security

Clemson University has its own Police Department. It functions on campus and in close cooperation with other police departments in the area. Each semester the University Police publish a letter to University students, providing them with safety tips as well as information about what to do in an emergency. When in doubt of your safety, call the University Police at 656-2222. They will respond with prompt and concerned attention. In addition, you will notice the yellow phones installed at different points across the campus. Each phone has an emergency button you can press in the case of an emergency. The phone will automatically dial the University Police.


Fike Recreation Center is located in West Campus on Williamston Road. The recreation center has:

• an Olympic-sized pool, 13.5 foot diving pool, sun deck, and spectator seating;

• free weights, cardiovascular equipment, 200 yard walk/run track, 35 foot climbing wall;

• six basketball and volleyball courts, eight racquetball courts, and two squash courts;

• aerobics classes for all levels and much more.

Hourly reservations for courts can be made by calling (864) 656-2315. You will need your student ID card to enter Fike.

Student Organizations

Clemson University has many organizations, each designed for sharing special interests such as fine arts, social, religious, service, media, military, honorary, professional, and sports interests. With more than 200 student-led organizations, no matter what your interest or hobby, you can find a group that shares your enthusiasm. For information about a particular student organization, contact Student Development at (864) 656-0515 or the Student Government Office at (864) 656-2195.

Tiger 1 Card and TigerStripe Account

The Tiger 1 Card is your official university ID. It is also your personal student identification card, personal debit card to access pre-deposited funds in a TigerStripe account, meal plan card, library card, residence hall access card, Fike Recreation Center access card, and athletic ticket privilege access card. You should obtain your Tiger 1 Card before classes begin. To do so, visit the Tiger 1 office in the Hendrix Student Center. The TigerStripe Account program is like a prepaid credit card. You may use it when you make copies, do laundry, buy meals or items from the dining service, the bookstore, the Union, and many other university facilities. Simply present your TigerStripe Card and the amount spent will be deducted from your account. All students are eligible to participate. Refunds on your balance are granted if you graduate, leave, or transfer from the University.

University Bookstore

The bookstore is located in the Hendrix Center. It stocks all required textbooks and supplies as specified by the various departments, as well as general trade books, greeting cards, personal care items, etc. The bookstore holds textbook buy-backs year-round and accepts all major credit cards, TigerStripe, checks, and cash. Also, if you are on assistantship with the English Department, you are eligible to receive a 10% discount on textbook purchases at the bookstore. Call (864) 656-2050 for more information. There is also a bookstore in downtown Clemson on College Avenue that sells textbooks—the Student Bookstore, (864) 654-2005.

University Directory and Telephone Services

A telephone directory is published once a year in October. You may obtain one in the Office of Telecommunications, (864) 656-0616. To help locate phone numbers of people or companies, try the following information numbers:

Student Locator: (864) 656-2262

University Operator: (864) 656-3311

Information for Local Calling Area: 411

Information Outside

Local Area: 1+areacode-555-1212

University Health Services

Redfern Health Center (RHC) provides health services to university students. RHC offers a variety of services including: outpatient ambulatory care for illnesses and injury, health education on women’s health issues, nutritional counseling, dermatology, and orthopedic clinics. The center operates Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. Physician care is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Students are seen at RHC throughout the day by appointment. A walk-in clinic is available to those students who do not have an appointment. ASK-A-NURSE telephone services are available Sundays, 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm, and Monday through Thursday, 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

All graduate students living in university residence halls (irrespective of their enrollment), all graduate students enrolled in 9 or more semester hours who pay the full-time rate (irrespective of their residence), and all international graduate students are required to pay the university medical fee of $95 per semester. The medical fee (summer session fees are prorated) covers the services of the university physicians, nurse practitioners, nursing staff, and supports, in part, psychologists in the Counseling and Psychological Services Department (CAPS). Included in the medical fee is a $500 per incident excess accident and sickness benefit available for after-hours urgent care. If you have questions about services provided by RHC or about the medical fee, you may call (864) 656-2233; if you would like to schedule an appointment to see a doctor at RHC, you may call the appointment line at (864) 656-1541.

University Libraries

The main library at Clemson University is called the Robert Muldrow Cooper Library (typically called the Cooper Library). It serves all students, faculty, and staff, as well as visitors from the Clemson community. It is the large white building located next to Strode Tower, across from the reflection pond by the amphitheater. The library contains over one and a half million volumes of books, journals, and documents. The library provides maps to assist students in finding the location of the materials they need. In addition, the library contains a number of copiers, two in the reference area, and several on the ground floor. For more information about the library, you may call (864) 656-3024.

The library’s hours of operation are:

10:00 am Sunday - 12:00 am Friday

10:00 am - 12:00 am Saturday

There are also two satellite branches. The Emery A. Gunnin Architectural Library, located in Lee Hall, provides materials on architecture, visual arts, city and regional planning, building science and construction, and landscape architecture. Its extensive slide library can also be helpful to those interested in history, art, etc. The library’s special collections unit, housed in the Strom Thurmond Institute, contains rare books, manuscripts of prominent South Carolinians, and materials relating to the history of Clemson University and South Carolina. A smaller, specialized collection is also located in the Chemistry Library in Hunter Hall.

University Union & Hendrix Student Center

The Clemson University Union provides social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities for members of the University community. Hundreds of varied activities are offered to the campus community each year, including films, video tapes, bands, comedy and variety acts, short courses, speakers, game tournaments, cultural arts performances, outdoor recreational trips, group travel, and special events.