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Support English

There is so much that you can do to be part of the life of the English Department at Clemson. If there is another way in which you would like to become involved, please feel free to contact Keri Crist-Wagner (

1. Send us your business card.
*Send it to Keri Crist-Wagner, 816 Strode Tower, Department of English, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 29634-0533. We keep the cards in a display book to show our students how successful our alums are!

2. Mentor a student.
*Tell us your area of expertise and your e-mail address, and we’ll connect you with a student in your area of interest.

3. Appear as a featured guest lecturer in an English class/event.
*Tell us your areas of expertise, preferred type of class/event in which to appear, and your contact information. We’ll distribute that to our faculty, who will get in touch with you about the possibility of a visit to one of their classes. You may also receive invitations to attend events where you can engage with current students, faculty, and staff members.

4. Arrange for a student internship at your place of work.
*Give us your contact information (i.e., e-mail address and work phone number). Keri Crist-Wagner, our Student Services Program Coordinator, will get in touch with you to discuss placing an intern with you.

5. Provide financial support for the department and our students
*We enthusiastically welcome contributions of any amount (even $5). Even very modest contributions add up to make a big difference for our students. We have many needs, including: funds for centers and programs associated with our department, funds for student travel to conferences and potential internship sites, support for student awards, and funds for student activities (e.g., seniors’ graduation reception).

*Click on the Alumni Association link to make a contribution now with your credit card Here. Be sure to indicate that you want the contribution to go to the English Department. Alternately, you can mail a contribution to the Department of English, 801 Strode Tower, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, 29634-0533. Please indicate that your check is for the English Foundation Account.

Thank you for supporting the English Department at Clemson University!