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History of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies


The Women's Studies Program at Clemson was begun twenty years ago, when Dr. Judith Melton and Dr. Judith Stanton received a curriculum development grant from the Ford Foundation through the Duke-North Carolina Women's Research Center. The first Women's Studies Course was team-taught by Drs. Melton and Stanton in the fall of 1987; the next semester the minor was developed and accepted by college and university curriculum committees. We celebrated the tenth anniversary of the program in the spring of 1997.

After approval for the new Women's Leadership major in 2014, the Women's Studies Steering Committee decided to change the program's name to Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies.  This minor examines the meaning of gender and sexuality as categories that shapes personal identities, beliefs, opportunities, and behaviors. Classes explores the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality; the institutional structures that impact gender and sexuality; and the broad range of theories that seek to explain gender expression and sexual identity.