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Faculty Bio

Suggs, Henry Lewis

Suggs, Henry Lewis

Professor Emeritus of American History


Ph.D., University of Virginia (1976)

My status as a Emeritus Professor of American History at Clemson is an affirmation that an education is an engine of opportunity. When I arrived at Clemson 20 years after Harvey Gannt (summer '83), the days were long and hard. Owing to the vision and equalitarianism of faculty named Barker, Lander, Schaffer, Stierer, Waller, and others, I was infused with a burning desire to achieve.

I was hired to teach the American South, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In time, Barker and Waller encouraged me to expand Clemson diversity with the establishment of an African American Studies Program (AAS).Clemson was a spirited environment. I was motivated by the students and faculty to publish four scholarly books and dozens of scholarly articles.

I was a scholar-in-residence at the DuBois Institute, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts in 1997.

The Clemson legacy is one of excellence without excuse and I am still proud to be a member of this elite and cherished family.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Published)

The Black Press in the Middle West, 1865-1985. Greenwood Press, 1996.

P.B. Young, Newspaperman: Race, Politics, and Journalism in the New South, 1910-1962. Univ of Virginia Press, 1989.

The Black Press In The South, 1865-1979. Greenwood Press, 1983.