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Digital History Emphasis Area

A picture of Marquise Drayton who won an award at GIS day.


Clemson history majors have the option to enroll in a 15 credit undergraduate digital history emphasis area. Basic digital methods will increasingly be used by all historians and museum professionals and are relevant to many other fields. 

Digital history includes:

This is an example of how digital mapping informs historical analysis. Treaty borrowing is shown by decade, showing clusters of activity in the 1850s and 1830s.
  • developing and using online archives
  • analyzing large amounts of data, such as census records
  • studying interconnections using data visualization
  • text searching and analysis
  • working with historical images
  • digital processing and storage of oral history interviews
  • integrating historical data with maps (old and new) using geographical information systems
  • presenting historical results and engaging larger audiences using web pages

Emphasis Area Curriculum: 

  • STAT 2220 or 2300 or 3090 (meet mathematics general education requirement) or CPSC 1010 or 1060
  • HIST 2150 - Introduction to Digital History
  • GEOG 3100 - GIS for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • At least 6 credits from HIST 3880 - Digital History Creative Inquiry and/or HIST 4150 - Topics in Digital History

Current Digital History Faculty:

A Photo of Doug Seefeldt Doug Seefeldt

A photo of Vernon Burton Vernon Burton

A photo of Joshua Catalano Joshua Catalano

A photo of Pamela Mack Pam Mack

A photo of William Terry William Terry

A picture of Arch Venkatesh Archana Venkatesh