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Societies, Honors and Awards

Honor Societies

The Phi Beta Kappa Society
We are proud to recognize our majors who were inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Clemson, the nation's most prestigious college honors society in 2017:

  • Corrine Foster
  • Polly Goss
  • Joseph Litts
  • Sarah Marshall
  • Madeline Reilly

Prizes and Awards

Each year the Department of History and Geography recognizes the outstanding achievements of its students by awarding the following prizes:

  • The Carl Lafayette Epting History Essay Award is given for the best paper written by an undergraduate in a history course. In 2017, the prize was awarded to William Still.
  • The William Shannon Morrison Prize is given to the graduating senior with the most outstanding record in historical studies. The winner in 2017 was Shiva Mohan..
  • The R. Glen Ayers, Sr. Award is given to the best rising senior among history majors, based on grade point average, course distribution, and written work. The winner in 2017 was Melissa Lin Knapp.
  • The Silver Bowl Award of the South Carolina State Society of the Daughters of the American Colonists is given to the History major who has excelled the study of History as well as in other areas of the liberal arts. In 2017, the prize was awarded to Glenn R. Bertram.
  • The Rand-McNally Prize in Geography is given to the student who has excelled in the study of geography. In 2017, the prize was awarded to Mary E. Melton.
  • The Dr. Alan Schaffer Student Assistance Award is a new prize in African American Studies. In 2017, the prize was awarded to Shatari Dunmore.

Departmental Honors

In conjunction with the Clemson University Honors College, the department offers the opportunity for some of its majors to graduate with honors. The process begins with a student selecting an advisor -- usually in the senior year -- and ends with the writing of an honors thesis under that advisor's direction. For more information, contact the Clemson University Honors College or talk to your undergraduate advisor.

Recent Honors Theses:

  • Sandra Mokalled, 2013, “Self-Determination in the Making of Modern Lebanon, 1914-1920,” Advisor: Amit Bein
  • LIz DeVos, 2013, "Union and Disunion in the South Carolina Upcountry" Advisor: Paul Anderson
  • Caitlin Hill, 2013, "Shining a Light on 'Dark Age' Britain: Comparing and Contrasting the Archaeological and Textual Records of England, 450AD - 850AD" Advisor: Caroline Dunn
  • Elizabeth Mills, 2011, "Nostalgia or Collective Identity? Understanding Legitimism’s Role in the Struggle to Determine a Post-Imperial Austrian National Identity, 1918-1938." Advisors: Steve Marks and Michael Meng.
  • Allison Kidd, 2010, "Shaping an Understanding of Two Roman Men: the Fora of Julius Caesar and Augustus." Advisor: Elizabeth Carney.