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Faculty & Advisors

L&IH Director

Kelly Peebles

Dr. Kelly Peebles
710 Strode Tower 

L&IH Faculty and Advisors




Dr. Yanhua Zhang, Faculty/Advisor, 304 Strode Tower,

Yanhua has been an advisor and faculty member for L&IH since its establishment, and she was the director of the program for two years (AY 2016-17 & 2017-18). She teaches Chinese Language for Health Professionals (CHIN 3170 and CHIN 4710) and medical anthropology (ANTH/LANG 3910). As a medical and linguistic anthropologist, she is interested in the intersection between language and health. Currently, she is conducting research on the health, wellbeing, and contemporary practices of traditional Chinese medicine. Yanhua’s favorite part about working for the L&IH program has been seeing her students flourish during and after their study abroad experiences and internship. She enjoys seeing students make the practical application of what they’ve been learning in the classroom, abroad. Most importantly, she loves the idea that while students are abroad in China, not only are they learning about Chinese culture through full immersion, but they also get to share aspects of their own culture during their internships. She considers her proudest professional achievement to be the success of her students after graduating from the program.



Dr. Kelly Peebles, Faculty/Advisor, 710 Strode Tower, 

Kelly is the director of the L&IH program, and she also teaches French language, literature, and culture. When she’s not fulfilling her duties as director or professor, she’s conducting research on Renaissance French literature and early-modern women and gender issues. Kelly first became interested in the combination of language and international health during an art history course on scientific illustrations that she took in graduate school. That sparked her interest in the health humanities, which she pursued by publishing an article about women’s hysteria in 16th-century French literature, when women’s reactions to traumatic experiences were often misread as mental and physical illness. She is currently researching illness narratives about French royals who died young and unexpectedly (for example, Francis II, the first husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, who died at age 16 from an ear infection!). Kelly advises L&IH French majors, and she values being able to meet L&IH students from all three language emphasis areas and learning about their unique experiences at Clemson and abroad, especially the connections that they make between humanities and public health.



Professor Anne Carole Salces Y Nedeo, Faculty, 215 Daniel,

Anne teaches FR 1010 and FR 3050 as well as FR 3180 and FR 4180 (French for Health Professionals I & II). She was involved in creating the L&IH French language emphasis from the beginning and remains enthusiastic about the idea of combining French and International Health. Her unique background has led her to this incredible opportunity, including her family full of physicians and her dual nationalities (French and Spanish). So the intersection of health and culture is no foreign idea to her! Anne’s favorite part about her work here at Clemson is her interaction with students. Without them, her job would not be nearly as rewarding. It is her ability to help her students learn and achieve their personal and professional goals that makes her work so meaningful. Outside of her normal realm of duties, Anne published a work of fiction in 2010 with a big Parisian publisher, and since then, has worked towards publishing the highly-anticipated sequel, which is just another testament to Anne’s unique talents as a faculty member in the L&IH program.

Mylene Boudreau


Mylene Boudreau, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, 512 Strode, 

As a native French speaker, Mylene’s diverse experience in healthcare makes her a perfect addition to the L&IH team. She is a registered nurse and currently works as a family nurse practitioner at Bon Secours/Mercy Health in Greenville, SC. Her experience as a nurse in Canada, Switzerland, and the United States has given her a well-rounded knowledge of the field! Beyond this, she lived in Japan for two years and taught both English and French. She has previously been a part time faculty member in Clemson’s school of nursing in the medical surgical nursing simulation lab; she is currently teaching FR 4180 (French for Health Professionals II). Mylene’s favorite part about this job is sharing her love for her native language with students; she is extremely passionate about studying abroad and the unique experience it provides our students. She believes the language and international health program at Clemson is important because it provides a better knowledge of the world and greater opportunities to make a difference in the health of our nation and the health of other nations around the world. She says if she had seen a major like this when she was choosing her path, she would have chosen L&IH! 

Julia Harvey


Julia Dingle, Staff Advisor, 703 Strode Tower,

A 2015 Clemson graduate, Julia is an academic advisor for all Spanish and International Health majors, which covers about 98% of the L&IH program, as well as a part-time graduate student. She values helping students that are at the junction between language and international health because she believes it is important to bridge the gap between language, culture, and physical location, which she helps students achieve by guiding them in their course registration. Obviously Julia loves Clemson, which is why she never left! She enjoyed being a student so much, that she decided to help them all day every day! Her proudest professional achievement thus far in her career have been the moments she gets to fight to make something right for a student. Julia serves as an advocate for her students, and feels proud to do so. In addition to that, she recently got 2 proposals accepted for a regional conference regarding her endeavors to look into transgender oppression on campus.

Arelis Moore


Dr. Arelis Moore de Peralta, Faculty, 2078 Barre Hall,

Arelis is an instructor of both Spanish and health classes as well as a member of the L&IH Steering Committee. In addition to teaching SPAN 4180, 4190, and 3970, she is also the advisor for the L&IH society as well as the faculty leader for a study abroad program to the Dominican Republic (DR). Arelis is a native speaker of the Spanish language and was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. While she lived there, she completed most of her degrees including medical school, a Master in Public Health with a concentration in Epidemiology, and a Master in Education. She worked for 18 years in the DR as a consultant with several different international cooperation agencies such as PAHO, USAID, and the CDC. Arelis also has a PhD from Clemson University in International Family and Community Studies. She believes that it is her diverse background that offers her a great platform to blend her experience in both teaching and research on global health and community development. Arelis believes it is the opportunity she has to work with a cadre of talented professionals at Clemson from a variety of different disciplines, that allows her to apply an interdisciplinary perspective to her research and teaching

Dr. Maria Rosa Judez Riquelme


Dr. Maria Rosa Judez Riquelme, Faculty, 316 Daniel Hall,

As a medical doctor specializing in obesity and nutrition, Maria Rosa Judez Riquelme is well versed in the healthcare field. In addition to her M.D., she has a specialty in human development and experience in clinical patient care, research, and education. She has been teaching medicine for 35 years and is a believer of education pursuing quality of life. Maria Rosa was born and raised in Mexico City by Spanish parents and thus acquired experiences and interesting points of view from both cultures. This diverse background and experience in healthcare is what many of our Language and International Health students aspire to obtain after their time at Clemson! She is currently teaching LIH 4000 (Internship Abroad, team taught with Micky Ward), SPAN 4190 (Health and the Hispanic Community), and SPAN 3150 (Spanish for Health Professionals). She truly teaches from experience and is passionate about her line of work and the education of future providers. Maria Rosa has always been a dreamer, and her various interests include learning, reading, painting, exercising, and Latin dancing; she is a lovely role model for our students. We are so lucky to have Maria Rosa!


Rachel Mayo of Public Health
Dr. Rachel Mayo, 535-A Edwards Hall, 864-656-7435, 

Rachel is the Associate Chair and a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences. Along with Dr. Clementina Adams, she co-founded the L&IH major at Clemson. Rachel currently assists Micky Ward with L&IH internship coordination and expanding health internship sites, and she is a liaison between the Public Health Sciences Department and the L&IH major. Rachel teaches HLTH 3100, 3800, and 4700. As far as the intersection between health and language, she and Dr. Adams conceived this program based on a need to have graduates in public health who were also fluent in a second language. Rachel’s favorite part about Clemson is getting to work with students. She believes that the fresh ideas and perspectives of her students provide exactly the type of energy that people like her depend on in order to thrive in academia. She considers one of her proudest professional achievements to be the development of the L&IH program here at Clemson. Additionally, she is fulfilled by her ongoing research in Women’s Health that has benefitted underserved communities.

Micky Ward of public health
Prof. Micky Ward, 424 Edwards Hall, 864-656-3783, 

Micky is a new member of the L&IH family of faculty and advisors. As of last year, she became the liaison between Public Health Science and Language and International Health as the Internship Coordinator for students studying abroad. Her goal is to make the internships an effective, fun, and safe learning experience for students. In addition to that, Micky also teaches several classes, including HLTH 4700 (Global Health) and LIH 4000 (Internship Abroad), a class for students during their study abroad experience. Micky’s favorite part about her work here at Clemson is connecting students with meaningful internship experiences so that they may figure out the best fit for their future. She enjoys hearing about students’ “light bulb moments” after they’ve studied abroad, because she often finds it to have been an experience that changed the student’s life. She is happy to help students broaden their horizons and open their eyes to exciting opportunities in the professional world.