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B.S. in Language & International Health

L&IH Program

The Bachelor of Science program in Language and International Health is jointly administered by the Department of Languages and the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences. This program pairs a modern language concentration (Chinese, French, or Spanish) with coursework in public health theory and practice. The language component emphasizes linguistic and cultural proficiency in the target language by studying specific peoples, cultures, literatures, technical language, health environments, and multicultural issues. The public health component includes the history and philosophy of public health and medicine; the organization, management, and financing of health services; the social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, health evaluation methods, and health communications. Students also choose an emphasis area in either Health Administration or Community Development.

Graduates will be qualified to assume positions in a variety of settings, including integrated hospital systems, consulting firms, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, as well as multicultural community centers. They can also pursue graduate degrees in community health, epidemiology/biostatistics, health administration, health systems, and research.

Study abroad of at least one semester in the target language setting is mandatory. Students in the Languages and International Health program must complete an internship of at least 135 contact hours in a health-care setting, also in the target language. Internships are subject to approval by the Language and International Health Director.

Students who have completed fewer than 50 credit hours may change majors into Language and International Health with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.5. Students with 50 or more credit hours may apply for a change of major into Language and International Health, based on space availability, with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.75.

Welcome from Fatema Bhagat, President, L&IH Society

Fatema Bhagat

Welcome to L&IH! My name is Fatema Bhagat and I am the president of the Language and International Health Society.  This major is the perfect blend of the language of your choice and Public Health components.  I am on the Spanish track, but there is also a Chinese and French track available.   In today’s global health care focus, language skills are an integral part of bridging the gaps towards achieving adequate health care services and practices.  This program allows you to seamlessly mesh language study with public health theory and practice.  Furthermore, this combination of disciplines is strengthened with the study abroad and internship components!  I was able to spend a semester in Sevilla, Spain taking classes and completing a health internship focused on the health area of my interest.  Going forward, I would like to become a midwife and focus on underprivileged communities.  This major opens many opportunities for you right after graduation, but it can also prepare you for further studies such as medical school.  If you are interested in becoming a globally engaged citizen while working towards improving health, then this is the perfect major for you!  

If you have any questions or would like to know anything about my experience through this major, please do not hesitate to reach out!  Fatema Bhagat (

Students Share Their L&IH Experiences

For More Information

Please contact the program director, Dr. Kelly Peebles (, 504 Strode Tower, Clemson,  SC 29634