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L&IH Alumni

L&IH Alumni
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Welcome Alumni

Welcome to our L&IH Alumni web page! You will be able to share your news with classmates, read important information about graduate studies and job opportunities, and participate in professional events.

As Language and International Health alumni, our current students are interested in hearing what you’re up to! Our goal is to give students an idea of some of the opportunities available after graduation and to share with them your many successes. 

Please send information about your accomplishments, graduate studies, career, travels and photos, or other related information to Elouise Cram (

If you would welcome being contacted by current students with questions, please provide your permanent email address. This information will be used to create a forum to exchange ideas about post-graduate opportunities.


Caleb Addis

               I was not originally a Language and International Health major. In fact, I was five other majors before this. Among this laundry list includes Architecture, Biology, and a lot of soul searching. Thankfully, I remembered that I always loved Spanish back in high school and my mom (who is a nurse) always instilled in me an interest in healthcare. I searched high and low in the Clemson course catalog and stumbled across the major “Language and International Health: Spanish Concentration.” It seemed like a perfect fit for me, and it did not disappoint. Dr. Graciela Tissera welcomed me with open arms and was always persistent in helping me achieve my success, even in the most difficult of times.

               College was not easy for me, but it helped me grow as a person and truly learn to look at the hearts of people. It sparked my desire to help others, fanned the flame of my passions, and helped me gain much needed confidence in myself. After walking across that stage as a Clemson graduate with an L&IH degree, I felt a sense of pride and joy. I am currently working at the Anderson Free Clinic in Anderson, SC as a pharmacy window services coordinator and a Spanish interpreter. I love my patients and helping them achieve better health outcomes is amazing! I took a chance with my many major changes, and I faced a lot of uncertainty, but I wouldn't change a thing. 


lnih alumni megan

               Megan Dorris is a bright alumna who wears a contagious smile. Since graduating in 2012, Megan has lived in Spain and journeyed around Europe. Making the most of her time while living abroad, Megan also explored France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Holland. Presented with various English work opportunities overseas, she chose to teach English to elementary students in both a public school and a private company setting. Her degree concentration was in Spanish and Health Administration. After teaching English for a couple years, Megan still found herself drawn to healthcare. She returned to the US to pursue a career in healthcare which began with earning a Nursing Assistant Certification.

           Megan is currently working in an acute-care hospital and applying to schools to become a Physician’s Assistant. Her Spanish skills still come in handy when other nurses and certified nursing assistants request her to translate for them and for patients. Her long term goals are to be able to work with disadvantaged and immigrant families and to possibly use her Masters as a Physician’s Assistant to join the Peace Corps, work abroad, or work with mission groups. Megan’s advice to current L&IH students is to take advantage of free time and summers to gain clinical experience, hands on experience, and patient care experience, especially for those who are interested in postgraduate studies because clinical hours are very important in the application process. Megan also recommends asking your professors if they have any connections with professionals in the health field which could lead to shadowing or volunteer opportunities.

           L&IH students leave Clemson with a diverse background, having taken various science classes as well as health science and language classes. When asked what opportunities are available to L&IH students after graduation, Megan says opportunities include pursuing a Master’s in Public Health to perhaps work with the government to set up programs for citizens, attending medical school or physician’s assistant school, or teaching English to name a few. You can contact Megan Dorris at >