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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Chinese

CU-in-China Summer Semester for L&IH Majors
CU-in-China is a faculty-led study abroad summer program consisting of two sessions: the 5-week first session in Beijing and the 4-week second session in Dalian. Two sessions together form a full 12-credit summer semester. For Chinese L&IH majors, this summer semester allows a combination of study abroad experience with a 135-hour professional internship in a healthcare setting. L&IH students will typically take CHIN 4990 and CHIN 3980 during the first session in Beijing and devote the second session in Dalian to acquiring professional experience and healthcare-related communicative competence through a structured internship in a selected hospital or a community-based clinic while enrolled in CHIN 3710 and 4710 (Chinese for Health Professionals) taught by Clemson faculty in close collaboration with students’ internship supervisors. With the internship, students are expected to gain knowledge and experience in Chinese health care systems and be able to communicate in Chinese in real professional settings.

In order to best benefit from study abroad and internship experience, students must have at least completed CHIN 2020 before joining CU-in-China program.

Contact: Dr. Yanhua Zhang (, 304 Strode Tower)

CU in China

Study Abroad in French

L&IH-French students broaden their linguistic and cultural knowledge by studying abroad in a Francophone country for at least one semester. During their semester abroad, students also gain professional experience in a health-related field through a 135-hour internship. In order to be fully prepared for their coursework and internship experience, students must have completed FR 3050 (Intermediate French Conversation & Composition I) and FR 3180 (French for Health Professionals I) prior to going abroad.

Students consult with the Director of Language & International Health, the L&IH Internship Coordinator, and the CAAH Global Engagement Office to identify the location and third-party program provider that best meet their needs. These providers create individualized placements that align with students’ coursework, interests, and long-term professional goals. Internship placements have been found in Paris, France’s cosmopolitan capital, as well as in southwest France—in both Toulouse, which is France’s fourth-largest city and home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites, and in Pau, known for its Renaissance château and breathtaking views of the Pyrenees.

For a list of approved program options, please contact Dr. Kelly Peebles (, 710 Strode Tower)

Study Abroad in Spanish

Fall and spring semesters in Seville and Cordoba allow you to experience working in many different healthcare environments: you will see what sets various types of hospitals, medical facilities, and companies apart from one another. You will learn about what goes into running these centers from people with years of experience in the field.

To ensure that all participants take full advantage of their internship experience, applicants must have completed a minimum of 5 semesters of Spanish (or equivalent) and get the consent of the program’s internship coordinator.

Contact: Julia Dingle (, 864.656.6433, 703 Strode Tower)

Cordoba, Argentina

Cordoba, or "la Docta," is well known for its history, its culture, and its university tradition. Located strategically, Córdoba is in the heart of the country, and it is the second most important city after Buenos Aires.  The composition of the program includes an intensive language and culture course and content classes.  The month-long intensive course has been designed not only to improve the language proficiency of the students but also to help with the cultural adaptation process. After the successful completion of this course, you will take content classes in the Hispanic Culture and Language program.

Seville, Spain

If you wish to embark on their journey to Seville, Spain, you will be rewarded with the chance of a lifetime to explore the Spanish culture and perfect your Spanish skills.  During a semester in Seville, you will complete 4-5 courses with 45 contact hours. Classes focus on improving Spanish linguistic competence and cultural familiarity through topics such as business, cinema, culture, grammar, health, and literature.  Most courses will also include site visits and guest speakers.