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B.A. in Language & International Trade

Welcome to our unique Bachelor of Arts degree program. Right now is an exciting time to prepare yourself to launch a career using advanced language skills in the field of international business. With this brand of training, countless doors of opportunity will open for you in the increasingly global marketplace! 

The L&IT program of study was launched in 1987 here at Clemson University. This degree is basically a double majorthat combines: 1) modern language study (Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) with a 2) professional concentration (International Trade, Tourism, or Applied International Economics). 

This broad method of training prepares students to become dynamic actors in career fields including: Marketing and Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Accounting, Management, International Law, Import / Export, and even Government Service. 

In addition to 120 hours of coursework for the L&IT major, all students are required to complete an approved study abroad program in a country in which they will make extensive use of and receive real-life training in the target language they have studied in the classroom. Each student also completes an approved internship with an international company

L&IT graduates are employed in a great variety of fields and are making their mark on the world in impressive ways; we are very proud of their accomplishments. Come join us! 

L&IT Program Brochure

Students Share Their L&IT Experiences