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German Clubs

German Club

The German Club at Clemson University hosts a number of activities and provides its members—Germans and non-Germans—with opportunities to meet Germans, students of German, and others interested in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

Conversation table
Welcome and End-of-the-semester parties
Fasching, Weihnachtsfeier
Reading Group
and more ...

Most of all, this is an opportunity to meet people with interest in German culture, business and German-speaking countries. This is not your average language club!

Up-to-date information and announcements on German Club Facebook

Contact: Harris King, Advisor (oswaldk)

German Professional Society (GPS)

The German Professions Society is a pre-professional society for all students of German at Clemson University who are learning German as a skill to help them in their careers. All students studying German, but especially L&IT, Business, IT, Engineering, and Architecture, are encouraged to join and learn more about the German presence in the business community in South Carolina and the region.

Company visits / plant tours
Guest speakers
German Conference (fall)

GPS on Facebook


President: Rachael Risinger (rerisin)
Lee Ferrell, Advisor (ferrell)