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Financial Support for the German Program

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The German Section at Clemson University is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. In order to maintain a high quality German program and also to expand and enhance the learning experience of students, we depend on financial support from the department, the college, the university and the greater (international) community.

Please follow this link to give to the German Program at Clemson University:

We would would like to hear from you in order to assure your funds being used according to your interests. There are various ways to support German students and the faculty at any financial level:

    • Student travel (for study and internship abroad in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) more ...
    • Program activities (for all extra-curricular activities like conferences, guest speakers, social and networking events) more ...
    • Teaching and technology (to enhance the learning experience in and outside of the classroom) more ...
    • Faculty (supplies, research, travel, conference support) more ...
    • Instructorship for technical German (to expand our German Language & International Trade Program and to increase the number and diversity of our course offerings) more ...
    • Alumni Giving (to maintain contact between former and current students of the German Program) more ...


Student travel

Your annual gift will support one or more students traveling to Germany Austria, and Switzerland. All of our majors spend one year studying, interning, or both, in a German-speaking country prior to graduation, minors and other students taking German also spend significant time aboard. Examples include:

    • full year abroad at a German university or technical college
    • one semester study abroad in combination with an internship (up to 3 months)
    • summer language and culture programs, like our new CU in Aachen program (CLIP)

Currently, BMW's CLIP Grant-in-aid and the David Hamilton Memorial Fund support up to 3 students each year. There are up to 10 students (engineering, the sciences, business, political sciences and in the humanities) participating in our German program spending one semester or a full year in a German-speaking country. We anticipate more than 15 students for our summer abroad program in the future. Students need financial help for air fare, local travel, housing, books, and other materials.

Program activities

The German Section strives to provide extra-curricular activities for students, the community, and faculty all year round. These activities include guest speakers from Germany, panel discussions, film nights with discussions, reading groups, and networking events. The cost of holding these events has increased dramatically over the last few years and your gift would help the German section to continue to offer cultural events for Clemson University and the community.

Teaching and technology

As teachers, we are committed to provide the best classroom instruction for our students: we engage in research, keep up with current events in the business world and the political arena, and offer insights into the culture and societies of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Today, technology and new media are an essential part of a teacher's work. Your gift helps with the acquisition and maintenance of books, films, and other teaching materials, as well as computer and mobile teaching technology.


The German Section consists of research faculty and instructors. All of us are required to travel regularly, whether to attend and present at national or international conferences, or to visit high schools and students in South Carolina. Continuous budget cuts during the last ten years made it more and more difficult to sustain financial support for our activities outside of the classroom.

Instructorship for technical German

We are not only attempting to maintain the current quality of our program, we are also striving to expand our German Language & International Trade program. Specifically, we are looking to add an instructorship position to offer technical German to all interested students at Clemson University. This instructor would offer language and technical business courses at all levels, as well as support the current program in all aspects (community and high school outreach, business partnerships, and extra-curricular activities for our students).

Alumni giving

We would especially appreciate support from our alumni in helping to create and maintain a continuous relationship between former and current students of the German Program. It is essential for the future of our program to understand how our students will use their skills, to hear how we keep our program meaningful, and to find internships for current students.