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Aachen, Germany


Clemson University Study Abroad in Aachen 2019

About the Program

Dates of Enrollment

May 14 - June 20, 2019

The CLIP program is a faculty led program taught each summer in Aachen, Germany.  This course is intended as an opportunity for students who have been learning German to have an immersion experience in the language and experience Germany and its language and culture first hand. Students will enroll in GER 3100:  Summer Immersion Program.  In addition to our faculty leaders, there will also be tours and cultural activities with local residents.  This is a six credit hour course.  The prerequisite for this course is GER 2010 or higher completed by the beginning of the course. Participants who successfully complete this course will be prepared for all upper level German classes (3000&4000 level). The GER 3050/3060 requirement can be waived for most higher classes.

Application Deadline

March 1st, 2019

Program Fee:

$5411 plus airfare and personal spending.  Fee includes:

  • CU Tuition& Fees: summer study abroad tuition & fees for 6 credit hours.
  • Housing and group meals.  We will stay at a boarding house in Aachen. 
  • Tours and Excursions in Aachen, Cologne and other locations we will visit as a group. In addition, students will receive a weekly stipend from their program fees.

More General Information

Who can go?

Participants must have successfully completed at least GER 2010 by the beginning of the course. This applies to CLIP taught in Germany and at Clemson University. 

The Site


After arriving in Aachen, students will have a daily schedule of three (3) hours of formal instruction. Afternoons will be dedicated to conversation, excursions, and cultural activities. In addition to your instructors there will also be a native speaker as a guide and conversation partner for our group.

Students will not only have the opportunity to explore Aachen, but also the nearby cities such as Düsseldorf, Köln, and Bonn. Places of interest in Köln are the Dom, Schokoladenmuseum, and the Römisch- Germanisches Museum as well as the Altstadt. Düsseldorf features the Königsalle, Landtag, and the longest “Teke der Welt”. In Bonn we will have the chance to visit Beethoven’s birth house, Das Haus der Geschichte, and learn about the political system since 1945.

The City of Aachen

Aachen is one of the older cities of the region, was the seat of government of Charlemagne (whose remains are interred in the Aachen Cathedral), was the location where most kings of Germany were crowned, and played a role during and after the Napoleonic Wars. Today, Aachen is a mid-sized city with a university and a rich modern German culture. It is conveniently located for individual or group explorations to other sights in the region such as the ‘Dreiländereck’, and is also just over one hour from Brussels, Belgium, and 3 hours from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

German Pledge

All students will take a pledge to speak only the target language during this 5-week course: once in Aachen, we will always speak German.

Program Director and Contact Information

Professor Lee Ferrell (